July 28, 2011

How we entertain our {crazy} kiddos in this heatwave!

Feelin' hot hot hot!
It's so flippin hot this summer, it's insane!
The beginning of the summer was filled with all day backyard fun,
trips to the wading pool,
park adventures,
and being outside allthetime.
The kids loved it.
Lidia could be outside all day/everyday.
Pretty sure that child would nap underneath her slide in the backyard just to be outside a little longer.
We have to bribe her with popsicles just to get her inside... judgemenot.

So what does that mean for our family now that it's 95 degrees or more each day?
and feels like 115 degrees?
(Who comes up with the "feels like this temperature" on the news anyway?)
Well we've gotten a little creative.
Well not really... most of time the kids find things on their own and I take credit for it...
just being real...
So this is what we've been doing:

Playing with Pots and Pans:
Simple enough.
We all have pots and pans right?
(and if you don't? I have plenty for you!)
Get some utensils out too!
(safe ones of course, CPS might be called on you like Amber from Teen Mom if you get out a knife or two)
Then let the kids go to town pretending to cook or just banging on the pans driving you crazy!
Sometimes I'll put a little water in the pans and the kiddos have extra fun.
Use towels or the kitchen for that activity though :)

Playing with identical birthday presents.
Why is this so great?
Two of the same toy...
Two of the same NEW toy...
Even better.
Less fighting = happy mama

And yes, that was plural.
We have three sprinklers, they all serve their own purpose so dont think I went overboard.
(Actually they were bday presents)
Sprinklers never get old.
Keeps them cool.
Keeps you cool.
Keeps them happy,
therefore keeps you happy.
Until your backyard neighbor sees your nakey butt child running around... hmmm....

We've also done indoor activities like:
 The Animal Rescue League to pet kitties
The play place at the mall
McDonald's play place
Playing with water in the sink
(or in Carly's case the toilet... sick)
Playing with icecubes in a bowl...
to name a few.

If all else fails turn to the outdoors and brave the heat!
Strip them down, hand them water, and let them enjoy themselves!
We only live once right?
It wont be long until they are complaining to be inside like we are.
Oh to be a child again...

and of course...
cuddles are always recommended!
Can you tell the kiddos have been clothesless alot this summer???


Kati McDonald said...

YAY! I was missing my Britt blog this week. Thanks :)

Megan said...

Oh the diapie bottoms! So cute! I love that your kiddos are having a blast despite the heat. Miss you all!