July 05, 2011

Let's talk CAYLEE Anthony...

Not Casey...because well, she doesn't deserve the attention.
Sweet baby Caylee does.

So we all know that Casey was found NOT GUILTY.
Did this surprise me?
Did I think she was guilty?
Heck yes.
What mother in her right mind would get a tattoo of "the good life" days after her baby was missing?
Umm I'd be hibernating in my room basically dying from depression
getting no sleep searching for that sweet girl.
Does this scream guilty?
Does this prove guilty in the U.S.?

What mother in her right mind would party, tell lies after lies, not shed even a tear for her sweet baby girl that was found dead?
No "normal" mother would.
Does this scream guilty?
Does this prove guilty beyond reasonable doubt?

There are so many more instances that scream that this psycho, lunatic mother was guilty
but ultimately there were too many unanswered questions,
and not enough proof that she actually murdered her daughter.
So I am not surprised for her to be not guilty but I am sickened by it.

Do I think she did it? Of course.
Do I want her to be punished? Absolutely.
Do I think the jurors ultimately thought she murdered her? Yes.
But were they ultimately just following the law? Yes.
Is it sad? Totally.
But honestly?
She will never have a normal life again and that's what she wanted.
So right there is probably justice in itself.

There is nothing more we as Americans can do but move on.
Grieve for baby Caylee,
and hug our babies and families a little tighter today.

But I swear, if someone even touched one of my babes I WOULD get justice!
(I just had to put that out there! :)


mommaof3 said...

I agree this post all the way

Megan said...

It's so sad, but you are right, we can just pray for all involved. She will have to answer for what she did one day to God...and that'll be worse than any prison she could be in.

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Amen, sister. I couldn't believe the verdict, but I understand with a lack of evidence the jury was sort of forced to make the decision they did. Sad. :(

Just found your blog!


Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Agreed! Huggng my boys tight tonight! Poor Caylee RIP