July 19, 2011

Lidia and Carly's birthday party!

When trying to come up with a theme for the girls' birthday party,
it came down to picking out a theme for them...something I knew they would like.
Since Carly only likes eating, playing with mama, walking around aimlesslly, and torturing her sister...
so we went with what Lidia likes, and that would obviously be Dora.

So Dora it was, but I revolved the color scheme around these outfits...

I got them from the amazing boutique Lovella Bowtique and they were perfect.
So when my bloggy bestie (and real life bestie if we lived closer) came down to visit,
she took the girls pictures for their birthday and to set out at the party!
Here's just a few of my favs...
Don't you LOVE them?
She's amazing.
Check out her blog for other amazing pics, and if you're in the Minneapolis area,
obviously contact her!

So the theme ended up being Dora with pink, orange, and zebra accents to match the girls' outfits and Dora's outfit of course!
We had the party at my church youth center since we were having 40+ people attending, and there was a gym with games and toys for the kids to play with.
It ended up being the perfect day.
But next year? Something simple.
I was exhausted afterwards!
So onto the details....

The cake table.

I made the two banners, the cupcake stand,  and the "L" and "C' wooden painted letters.
The picture frames had the girls birthday pictures in them and said "L&C" on each frame.
They were from Hobby Lobby.
Oh wait.
Basically everything was from Hobby Lobby... duh.

A church friend made these aDORAble (get it? hehe) Dora cake and cupcakes.
I still can't get over either of them!
Good thing I have about 4798 more cupcakes in my kitchen to stare at...
but not eat. Nope. :)

The welcome table!
Included a few more of their birthday pics, a newborn pic of each girl, Dora dolls, a Happy Birthday Dora book for people to sign, the framed birthday invitation, and a styrofoam lollipop thingamabob I whipped up last minute.

The food.
We had a hotdog stand!
We won't get into the debacle that ended up with the hotdog stand and my husband an hour late to the party, but at least it got there, right?
We served hotdogs with all the fixins', chips, crackers, potato and pasta salad, watermelon, etc.
A good ole fashion bbq!

The kitchen aka the line-up of food + kids table with coloring and eating of course!
This is pretty boring but I wanted to show off my Tissue Poms!
They were super easy to make and add just that extra touch to any party!

Carly's high chair and Lidia's big girl chair!

The girls "eating" their cake.
We cut the Dora cake in half, stripped them down, and expected them to go at it!
I don't have any good pictures of them eating it, because they both just poked at the cake instead!

Since Carly and Lidia wouldn't dig in,
we have some other little girls that did instead!!

But Lidia did decide to indulge in a cupcake in her new Dora chair while opening presents!

And Carly looked cute as always!

... and just some more randoms from the party!

It was a great day!
Thanks to everyone that came out!
I didn't get very many pictures at all.
Hardly any of the guests or the birthday girls because most were taken before the party started,
 none of the front door or miscellaneous decorations...
 BUT my excuse is that I was busy!
Like I said, next year... simple!


Jessica said...

Aww Happy Birthday to your girls! Looks like they had a great time!

Megan said...

What a precious precious party!! Ahhhh, everything is SO cute!!

Megan said...

YAY for a DORA party and for the girls to dies for cuteness! I love the praisies, and all 4 of you of course. Miss you guys, and wish we could have been there to Celebrate with the girls!!! Next time we will come down for an event :) All of the DIY turned out fabulous, you pretty much ROCK!

Joeylee said...

looks like they had an awesome birthday! Happy birthday to the both of them, love the decorations and cupcakes

Meant to be a mom said...

What a cute theme. And the outfits are just precious!! Love them.

Kati McDonald said...

haha. still love that picture of Ava with cake all over her face. hilarious. What a fun day! Thanks for letting us be a part of it. The girls had a blast :)

Mama Tully said...

WOW! What a party! Great work on all the details. And the photos are GORGEOUS! Those are some lucky little girls. Happy birthday to both of them!

Mama Fee said...

Cute!!!!! Thanks for sharing your girls in those outfits! :)