July 06, 2011

Lidia's birthday week!

July is a huge month for the Fritz family.
In five days, my first baby turns 2,
and on the 22nd my itty bitty baby turns 1!
(Oh yeah and Grandma Lulu turns 28 again, and Uncle Eric has a bday in there too :)

We are having a joint birthday bash for the kiddos on the 16th,
(Lidia's due date, coincidence? I think not)
but were also celebrating their birthdays seperate with family parties on each of their birthdays.
Since they were born 1 year and 11 days apart,
they will most likely be having joint parties for the rest of their lives.
 it's important they get their own special day to be spoiled by family, yes?
So in honor of Lidia's birthday (in 5 days! ahh!)
the blog will be dedicated to her this week.

I can't believe my "baby" went from this 2 years ago...
Her first time swimming...
...to swimming last year....
...to now...
 an everyday occurence of swimming!

From car rides home from the hospital...
...to road trips to waterparks last year...
...to my big girl sleeping on the way home from the pool in a bikini this summer.

We went from staring at each other in awe for the first time...
 ...to sharing kisses all the time...

...to becoming best friends...
 ...and even closer this year!

A few updates on Miss Thang:

- We started potty training!
Everytime I change her diaper, I ask if she needs to go potty, and she says,
"Yep! Potty!" and goes every.single.time.

- After her birthday, (bc on her birthday is just plan cruel, amen?) the paci will be gone.
She usually only takes it at nap/bedtime,
but for some reason she has gotten more attached to it recently.
Maybe it's because she can say, "Ginky" (binky) now, but still.

She has become obsessed with books.
She can point out things in the book now, "Tree! Circle! Ball! Etc."
so I think it's more fun for her because she is understanding it more.
I love it because I love reading to her!

Also, this is random... but
for the bbq at my parents' house this weekend for the 4th of July, I made these:
All of the kids LOVED them!
I think I'll be making them for the babes bday party also!
Any other birthday party ideas?
Send them my way!


Joeylee said...

I know how you feel, Kaylee turned 2 in May it goes by so quick!

Love those marshmellows, I'm going to do those for Keira's 1st birthday! Hope your girls have a great joint birthday!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Holy moly birthdays galore! How exciting! Isnt it crazy how quickly it floes by! Those marshmellows look fab! Might steal that idea for Lukes birthday, i also saw rice krispie pops that were cute, you just make them normal then cut in squares, stick them on a stick and dip the ends in chocolate and sprinkle!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from Jenna's Journey! She is so cute! It was great to watch her grow in pictures!

Melissa said...

Your girls are precious! Happy (early) birthday to both of them! Loved all the pics...it's so neat to see them grow and change. I'm stopping by from Jenna's challenge.I also totally agree with what you wrote about Caylee Anthony. It's just so heartbreaking!

Annie said...

Awww.....love the progression of these pics!! What a fun post. They grow up way too fast, huh?!?!

Greer's Gossip said...

Happy Birthday week to everybody!! Stopping by from Jenna's! Your blog is precious!!

Nicole said...

Hey!! Stopping by as part of the comment challenge! Your kiddos and your blog are adorable :)

Mrs. Confident said...

I think that those little popsicles are the cutest thing ever. How did you make them? Def should post a DIY on them. I'm stopping by from the blog hop, and your blog is super cute!


Kate said...

Got here through Jenna's Journey. Love your blog name!

shira said...

Stopping by from Jenna's :)

I LOVE the marshmallow idea - I make cake pops a lot, but they are SO time consuming. I think I will try this instead!!

Kati McDonald said...

Love the marshmallows!!! Aren't you just super crafty :)

Can't wait for the girls' party!

Megan said...

Super cute marshmellows I made those for Valentine's Day one year! YUM! I love this post, how sweet and bittersweet that she is going to be 2 :) Love the girls, and you guys. Can't wait for you to show off birthday party pics!