July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Link up with Jamie!!

I'm loving... Lidia's crazy hair!

I'm loving... how much Bella and Carly love each other!
Lidia and Carly?
Are going through a horrible phase of not liking each other, not sharing, hitting, etc.
I repeat, it's horrible!

I'm loving... that Lidia (aka Mr. F) sent mama flowers to work yesterday!
Ya know, I only birthed her...
I might as well get flowers out of the deal, right?
(I love that the flower place spelled her name wrong, Mr. F
"specifically told them the correct spelling" haha)

I'm loving... these two.
Wow, they love each other!
It was Lidia's first night without a paci last night and...
it didn't go so well.
Papa helped with Lidia all night!
Probably so they could share secrets about me...

I'm loving... that my angel Carly will be 1 years old next week!
She is officially walking everywhere!
She has become the biggest mama's girl
she is the sweetest thing ever and I love her kisses!!

I'm NOT loving...that she woke up with no diaper on this morning and poop all over her crib!
She also has another ear infection,
and even though she's so sweet...
she's been super crabby lately too between the ears and her stupid teeth!!

I'm loving... that Lidia is doing so well with potty training!
She will (sometimes) say when she needs to go potty,
but everytime I sit her on the potty, she goes!!
She has woken up a few times dry from a nap,
starting to poop on the potty,
and loves her new Dora panties!
Progress, people, progress!!

and of course...
I'm loving... that their birthday party is this weekend!!!
I have almost everything done and I can't wait to share pictures!!!


Impulsive Addict said...

I'm loving that funky bathtub hair too! How adorable!

CUTE BABIES!! They are all so photogenic! Ok, it's making my uterus hurt. I must go now..

Stopping by via the INFAMOUS RAVEN! Happy hump day!

Annie said...

awww....love that you got flowers!! so sweet :)

Raven said...

omg how did you get her hair to stand up like that? That is fabulous! LOVE YOUR KIDS!!

Mama G said...

Hahaha I cannot get over the hair! Hilarious!

Thanks for linking up to Toddle Along Tuesday at Growing Up Geeky and Our Growing Garden!