August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Bella and Tori!!!!

Bella and Tori,
Happy Birthday baby girls!
You are the most beautiful, fun, sweet, hilarious, and lovable twins in the world!
I am so blessed to have you in my life and call you both my step-daughters.
You both light up a room and get comments everywhere you go on how gorgeous you both are.
You both love your daddy to the moon.
You both love your "baby sister Carly" the same way!
Lidia loves to follow you both around and you totally take her under your wing.
The four of you are so fun to watch play together.
And your Bert (me!) is your fav... just don't tell Daddy!
I hope you have the best day ever and we all can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!
I love you so much!

August 30, 2011

Carly's terrible weekend

Thursday after work I came home to this...

My baby girls first high fever... and it was close to 104.
I had noticed a few days before that she was coughing and not eating,
so it wasn't a huge surprise that she was sick.
I took her to a walk-in clinic immediately.
and the doctor checked her for an ear infection and strep throat.
While we were waiting for the results...
Miss thang decided to puke ALL OVER the room after having her throat swabbed.
I opened the door and told someone she had thrown up.
Let's just hold on right here for a second...
Not only had Carly been crying the ENTIRE time we were in the room, would not let me put her down,
but she had just now thrown up to add to this disaster...
Instead of helping a sistah out,
the nurse threw a towel at me and walked away.
So I wiped up what I could of the puke infested room, the sick sick child, and myself
and tried to get Sis to calm down.

The doctor came back in eventually and said everything was negative,
and wanted us to go to the hospital to get some blood work done to see if it was a viral or a bacterial infection.
So off we went, first stopping by the house to change our pukey clothes, and say hi to Lidia and Papa.
Once at the hospital,
I grabbed a bag of pretzels while we waited and soon Sis's attitude changed....

But she didn't stay happy for long...
We went back to the exam room to get her blood drawn, and since she is walking...
they couldn't draw blood from her foot and they had to do it from her arm.
Let me tell you that was one of the most awful experiences of my life.
As soon as we laid Carly down on the table, she lost it.
While they were trying to find a good vein in her arm, I was trying to hold her down and keep her calm.
Well that didn't work.
She started choking.
And she threw up... again.
And I started crying.
Eventually, we got the blood drawn after lots of tears, and a mama's broken heart
and we headed home.

On Friday we woke up and Carly's fever was gonezo.
But I hadn't heard back on the blood test results so I was still a little concerned.
We decided to stay home all day and clean and play it safe.
After a few run arounds with the terrible walk-in clinic,
I finally got Carly's blood tests back.
She had a white blood cell count of 18 (or 18000) which was very high.
So they concluded it was an infection somewhere and she need an antibiotic.
So the girls and I trotted off to the store to pick it up...

We got to the store and the Dr's office hadn't called in the prescription.
Strike 3 now wouldn't you say?
So I waited around for an hour with two crazy kids.
Lidia proceeded to flirt with a boy and say,
"Mama's he cute! I want that boy!"
And Carly seemed to be feeling better.... 

So since Carly's fever was gone for 24 hours, and she was on an antibiotic...
on Saturday we woke up and decided to still go to my bff's daughter's birthday party.

.... and to Aunt Chloe's soccer game!

But I knew she still wasn't feeling the best when we got home Saturday night.
She had only slept an hour during the day, and it took me 2 HOURS to get her to sleep that night.
So I wasn't surprised when I woke up to this baby again on Sunday morning...

I felt awful that I had her out around people all day Saturday but how was I supposed to know, right?

So Monday morning Carly woke up happy again!
(bi-polar sickness much?)
But I still wanted her normal Dr. to check her out.
Carly has hand, foot, and mouth disease.
There is no need for an antibiotic because it's a viral infection,
so we are drugging her up with tylenol/ibuprofen :)
(and a little dr's secret of 1/2 tsp maalox/ 1/2 tsp benadryl shhhh)

So after a long weekend, and lots of cuddling Carly...
We decided to reward Lidia with buying her new "dance dress" as she calls it before we headed home for naps.
I can't believe she starts dance class in 2 weeks!!!

Yesterday after naps,
both girls woke up happy!
They were both hungry too!
This is the first time Carly has actually eaten well in several days...

and we topped the weekend off with a little french braid action...
my first french braid ever!
I'll get better,
I swear :)

Please tell me your weekend was better than mine...

August 25, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Look what Mama got yesterday...
Why yes, that would be a "parking ticket"
Let me point out first that this is a ticket from my work's "security officers"
Therefore this is in fact, not a real ticket.
No fine. No actual ticket. No slap on the hand.
Just a piece of paper on my car reminding me that I suck at parking...
Like my husband doesn't do that already everytime we go somewhere???
I blame the big Expedition.
Pshhh whatevs.

if Danielle goes home on Big Brother tonight
(which I totally know she will)
I'm going to cry.
I love her.
Matt doesn't.
But I do.
Sassy, cute, and I love her style.
Oh well,
I still love me some Jeff and Jordan.
I know they aren't on the same alliance, but I like all three of them regardless...
and Matt likes them so I have to side with him.
And he just started calling me his "cutey" because Jeff calls Jordan that.
Obsessed much???

 how cute are babes sleeping in carseats?

Especially when they fight their sleep....
But fall asleep 10 seconds later.
So sweet.
I wish I could sleep all comfy like in a carseat instead of playing taxi driver!

I think both girls are sick... yet again.
Shoot me.
'nuff said.

August 24, 2011

"A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite"

My girls have always been opposites as we all know.
But lately, I've been catching Carly do things that I remember Lidia doing at her age.
 I can't help but smile because I know Carly is either learning them from Lidia,
 or they might not be as opposite as we might think.
Lidia ~ age 1

Carly ~ age 1, last week

There are some things Carly has picked up from Lidia that I love,
and of course those dreaded things she's picked up that I hate! (i.e. tantrums, hitting, etc)
Anyway, Carly learned to walk between 10 and 11 months,
 and I know she was an early walker because she saw her big sissy doing it.
She's learning more "toddler friendly" games and toys because of her sissy too.
For example;
Lidia loves to play ring a round the rosey.
And Carly LOVES to dance.
I mean Eminem is her favs by far.
Last night Lidia says,
"Mama rosey?"
So we all grabbed hands, danced around in a circle, and sang "Ring a round the rosey"
About 56 times.
By the 3rd time of spinning our pretty tushes around,
Carly learned the word, "Down"
and also learned to fall on the ground at the same time as her sissy.
I mean, I know my kids are geniuses and all,
but she would have never learned that if she didn't have a toddler sister to play it with.
And I love that.
I love my girls.
Oh but wait,
I just said I love my girls???

That would be powdered sugar all over my kitchen floor....
But I guess I still love them :)

with all those things aside...
I've never, never, ever, ever thought my kids looked alike.
But I walked by Lidia's one year photo the other day on our fireplace mantel and I about died.
I picked up Carly, picked up the picture, and said, "OMAWORD!"
My girls look so much alike at the age of one.
Lidia's hair was shorter, and Carly's hair has gotten lighter...
take a looksy!
Lidia's one year pictures... 7/10

Carly 8/11

and if you don't see it,
just humor me, k??

August 23, 2011

MIA ~ bullet style

In no particular order, this is what has been keeping mommy MIA from the bloggy world....

*A Kansas City trip with the husband.
Full of...World/Oceans of Fun, dinner dates, hotel swimming, a Royals game, singing songs to Lidia on the phone at the Royals game in front of many many people because I love/missed her and sissy sooo much, and our car getting broken into. Luckily nothing was stolen and we got our hotel for free :)

*Crazy kids.
Lidia has been in full force terrible twos lately.
either she's gotten better or I've gotten used to it...
 because she seems to be in better spirits the last few days...
Oh yeah, she showers now instead of taking a bath... 16 years old say what???

*Crazy kids part dos.
Don't think I was going to let Sis get off the hook that easily.
No sir.
That girl has taken after her sis like something fierce.
She throws tantrums, pulls hair, refuses to keep her diaper on, and must be independent like shown pushing our grocery cart at Sam's Club below.
But she still is super sweet while playing her favorite game of peek-a-boo....

*The fair.
Ohhh how I love the fair.
Anyone heard of the famous Iowa State Fair??
Anything you could want on a stick to eat?
Including fried butter on a stick?
Yep, you could of found us there twice this past week.
Animals, food, rides, water fountains, stroller rides, food, watching a cow being born, flash mob, food, playgrounds,horses, food, tons of shows, more animals and rides, and did I mention food?
I love it.
And so did the girls...

*The homefront.
And of course we've been busy at home.
-Rearranging Lidia's room so she will start going to sleep better again.
Which meant she found a new place to read books on top of her bookshelf... in the dark no less.
- Signed Lidia up for dance class! So excited about this!
-Playing lots of doctor and ring a round the rosey.
-Dressing up in Barney costumes
and the typical cleaning, laundry, and cooking that never seems to go away or get done.

So yeah, we've been gone and busy but we've had fun!

August 12, 2011

Wedding Pics v3 {Ceremony}

It's been awhile with the wedding pics, eh?
Better late than never, right?
So here are our ceremony pics in all their glory!
{Guest book}
{Ushers doin their thannng}
{MIL and Momma bear lighting the candles}

{Hubby walking the Mamas down the aisle}

{Some of our wedding party struttin their stuff down the aisle}

{My step-dad doing the best job in the house walking Carly down the aisle}
{My sister (junior bridesmaid) walking Bella and Lidia down the aisle (flowergirls)}
{the woman of the hour... that's me!!}

{down to business}

{giving our mamas roses because they rock}

{theeeee cutest 13 year old playing guitar and singing, seriously watch out he's a supastah}
{unity candle}

{go on and kiss the girl}

{oh yeahhh}
{we did it!}

{cyaaaa! We're off to our party!}
{oh wait... we had to stop at a bar... typical}

{to watch the hawks game! go hawks!}

.... and there's much more where that came from!