August 30, 2011

Carly's terrible weekend

Thursday after work I came home to this...

My baby girls first high fever... and it was close to 104.
I had noticed a few days before that she was coughing and not eating,
so it wasn't a huge surprise that she was sick.
I took her to a walk-in clinic immediately.
and the doctor checked her for an ear infection and strep throat.
While we were waiting for the results...
Miss thang decided to puke ALL OVER the room after having her throat swabbed.
I opened the door and told someone she had thrown up.
Let's just hold on right here for a second...
Not only had Carly been crying the ENTIRE time we were in the room, would not let me put her down,
but she had just now thrown up to add to this disaster...
Instead of helping a sistah out,
the nurse threw a towel at me and walked away.
So I wiped up what I could of the puke infested room, the sick sick child, and myself
and tried to get Sis to calm down.

The doctor came back in eventually and said everything was negative,
and wanted us to go to the hospital to get some blood work done to see if it was a viral or a bacterial infection.
So off we went, first stopping by the house to change our pukey clothes, and say hi to Lidia and Papa.
Once at the hospital,
I grabbed a bag of pretzels while we waited and soon Sis's attitude changed....

But she didn't stay happy for long...
We went back to the exam room to get her blood drawn, and since she is walking...
they couldn't draw blood from her foot and they had to do it from her arm.
Let me tell you that was one of the most awful experiences of my life.
As soon as we laid Carly down on the table, she lost it.
While they were trying to find a good vein in her arm, I was trying to hold her down and keep her calm.
Well that didn't work.
She started choking.
And she threw up... again.
And I started crying.
Eventually, we got the blood drawn after lots of tears, and a mama's broken heart
and we headed home.

On Friday we woke up and Carly's fever was gonezo.
But I hadn't heard back on the blood test results so I was still a little concerned.
We decided to stay home all day and clean and play it safe.
After a few run arounds with the terrible walk-in clinic,
I finally got Carly's blood tests back.
She had a white blood cell count of 18 (or 18000) which was very high.
So they concluded it was an infection somewhere and she need an antibiotic.
So the girls and I trotted off to the store to pick it up...

We got to the store and the Dr's office hadn't called in the prescription.
Strike 3 now wouldn't you say?
So I waited around for an hour with two crazy kids.
Lidia proceeded to flirt with a boy and say,
"Mama's he cute! I want that boy!"
And Carly seemed to be feeling better.... 

So since Carly's fever was gone for 24 hours, and she was on an antibiotic...
on Saturday we woke up and decided to still go to my bff's daughter's birthday party.

.... and to Aunt Chloe's soccer game!

But I knew she still wasn't feeling the best when we got home Saturday night.
She had only slept an hour during the day, and it took me 2 HOURS to get her to sleep that night.
So I wasn't surprised when I woke up to this baby again on Sunday morning...

I felt awful that I had her out around people all day Saturday but how was I supposed to know, right?

So Monday morning Carly woke up happy again!
(bi-polar sickness much?)
But I still wanted her normal Dr. to check her out.
Carly has hand, foot, and mouth disease.
There is no need for an antibiotic because it's a viral infection,
so we are drugging her up with tylenol/ibuprofen :)
(and a little dr's secret of 1/2 tsp maalox/ 1/2 tsp benadryl shhhh)

So after a long weekend, and lots of cuddling Carly...
We decided to reward Lidia with buying her new "dance dress" as she calls it before we headed home for naps.
I can't believe she starts dance class in 2 weeks!!!

Yesterday after naps,
both girls woke up happy!
They were both hungry too!
This is the first time Carly has actually eaten well in several days...

and we topped the weekend off with a little french braid action...
my first french braid ever!
I'll get better,
I swear :)

Please tell me your weekend was better than mine...


Brittany said...

Poor baby, I'm glad she is feeling better now, it is no fun for baby or mommy for a little one to be sick, (eventhough it means cuddle time). Hope your week looks up!

Annie said...

Poor Carly (and poor MAMA)!!! I hope that everyone is on the mend now!! Blake had HFM disease this past winter....what a terrible name, that had me freaked right out!!

Jessica said...

Bless her little heart! I hate she (and YOU) had to go through all of that. I can't believe the nurse just throwing a towel at you...really?? Hope she is feeling better today & things are going better for y'all!

Ashley said...

Ohhhh I know the feeling..... my son had foot and mouth this summer! High fevers, puking, and my doctor made a point to show me that they get blisters on the back of their throat. No wonder they didn't eat the entire time!!

Now, what is the purpose/benefit to this malox concoction you write about?

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Oh my goodness poor little thing! I can totally feel your pain my son had the exact same situation at her age, he was almost 105 and they gave him the strep test pretty much gagging him and him throwing up all over, I wanted to punch the nurse haha! I am glad things are looking up!! Hang in there!! Send her over here for some cuddles, my boys refuse them right now...little monsters!! ha