August 23, 2011

MIA ~ bullet style

In no particular order, this is what has been keeping mommy MIA from the bloggy world....

*A Kansas City trip with the husband.
Full of...World/Oceans of Fun, dinner dates, hotel swimming, a Royals game, singing songs to Lidia on the phone at the Royals game in front of many many people because I love/missed her and sissy sooo much, and our car getting broken into. Luckily nothing was stolen and we got our hotel for free :)

*Crazy kids.
Lidia has been in full force terrible twos lately.
either she's gotten better or I've gotten used to it...
 because she seems to be in better spirits the last few days...
Oh yeah, she showers now instead of taking a bath... 16 years old say what???

*Crazy kids part dos.
Don't think I was going to let Sis get off the hook that easily.
No sir.
That girl has taken after her sis like something fierce.
She throws tantrums, pulls hair, refuses to keep her diaper on, and must be independent like shown pushing our grocery cart at Sam's Club below.
But she still is super sweet while playing her favorite game of peek-a-boo....

*The fair.
Ohhh how I love the fair.
Anyone heard of the famous Iowa State Fair??
Anything you could want on a stick to eat?
Including fried butter on a stick?
Yep, you could of found us there twice this past week.
Animals, food, rides, water fountains, stroller rides, food, watching a cow being born, flash mob, food, playgrounds,horses, food, tons of shows, more animals and rides, and did I mention food?
I love it.
And so did the girls...

*The homefront.
And of course we've been busy at home.
-Rearranging Lidia's room so she will start going to sleep better again.
Which meant she found a new place to read books on top of her bookshelf... in the dark no less.
- Signed Lidia up for dance class! So excited about this!
-Playing lots of doctor and ring a round the rosey.
-Dressing up in Barney costumes
and the typical cleaning, laundry, and cooking that never seems to go away or get done.

So yeah, we've been gone and busy but we've had fun!


Raven said...

hahahahaha looooooove the little pink panties on the girls!!! nice touch Britt, nice touch :)

I understand being gone and MIA. ESP with kids. it's a fine line between neglecting my blog peeps or neglecting my kids. HAHA just kidding.

not a fine line at all. my blog peeps win hands down.

just kidding.

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Geesh...pick up the slack...I mean all those excuses...HAHAHAHAHHA joking!! 2 kids are enough to never be able to blog, I mean my gosh! Its like the second you begin to even look at the computer screen one of them is screaming or crying! I love all the pics mama! State Fair...OH YAH...I hope you ate some amazing food minus the butter on a stick...and a cow being born...for real!!??!!

Hope all is well momma, thanks for the updates!! xooxxo