August 04, 2011

Project 52

I'm linking up with Emily for Project 52!
Basically the project is...
 Once a week, post one picture for the theme of that week.
This week:
In the car
I decided to post this picture of Lidia after reading look at the birds blog.
She is hilarious and I told her that if we were to switch lives for a day... our stories would be identical!
It's very rare that Lidia is quiet in the car...
she's usually going from dancing, to throwing a fit, then needing milk, to "voom vooming" at cars, then asking where "papa/lulu/puppy/car/airplane" go.
and of course,
resulting in wanting popsicles.
So here's to Lidia actually sleeping in the car and letting Mama and sissy jam to their tunes!
We dont' like to be disturbed :)
oh and check out her post... hilarious!


t.bird said...

so innocent.

LIES!!!! haha.

Emily P. said...

thanks for playing along! Super cute picture :)