August 25, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Look what Mama got yesterday...
Why yes, that would be a "parking ticket"
Let me point out first that this is a ticket from my work's "security officers"
Therefore this is in fact, not a real ticket.
No fine. No actual ticket. No slap on the hand.
Just a piece of paper on my car reminding me that I suck at parking...
Like my husband doesn't do that already everytime we go somewhere???
I blame the big Expedition.
Pshhh whatevs.

if Danielle goes home on Big Brother tonight
(which I totally know she will)
I'm going to cry.
I love her.
Matt doesn't.
But I do.
Sassy, cute, and I love her style.
Oh well,
I still love me some Jeff and Jordan.
I know they aren't on the same alliance, but I like all three of them regardless...
and Matt likes them so I have to side with him.
And he just started calling me his "cutey" because Jeff calls Jordan that.
Obsessed much???

 how cute are babes sleeping in carseats?

Especially when they fight their sleep....
But fall asleep 10 seconds later.
So sweet.
I wish I could sleep all comfy like in a carseat instead of playing taxi driver!

I think both girls are sick... yet again.
Shoot me.
'nuff said.

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Ashley Slater said...

I can't see your pictures but I am imagining these pictures. And I CAN imagine because I got a ticket for running a red light and they sent me PICTURES and a VIDEO of it. Can you believe that!??!?! Ugh, well that sucks! sorry!

AND, I am also (shamelessly) plugging a giveaway on my blog. But it is for a really cool vintage t-shirt (winner gets to choose their design from the website) so I don't feel too guilty about it ;) The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!