August 24, 2011

"A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite"

My girls have always been opposites as we all know.
But lately, I've been catching Carly do things that I remember Lidia doing at her age.
 I can't help but smile because I know Carly is either learning them from Lidia,
 or they might not be as opposite as we might think.
Lidia ~ age 1

Carly ~ age 1, last week

There are some things Carly has picked up from Lidia that I love,
and of course those dreaded things she's picked up that I hate! (i.e. tantrums, hitting, etc)
Anyway, Carly learned to walk between 10 and 11 months,
 and I know she was an early walker because she saw her big sissy doing it.
She's learning more "toddler friendly" games and toys because of her sissy too.
For example;
Lidia loves to play ring a round the rosey.
And Carly LOVES to dance.
I mean Eminem is her favs by far.
Last night Lidia says,
"Mama rosey?"
So we all grabbed hands, danced around in a circle, and sang "Ring a round the rosey"
About 56 times.
By the 3rd time of spinning our pretty tushes around,
Carly learned the word, "Down"
and also learned to fall on the ground at the same time as her sissy.
I mean, I know my kids are geniuses and all,
but she would have never learned that if she didn't have a toddler sister to play it with.
And I love that.
I love my girls.
Oh but wait,
I just said I love my girls???

That would be powdered sugar all over my kitchen floor....
But I guess I still love them :)

with all those things aside...
I've never, never, ever, ever thought my kids looked alike.
But I walked by Lidia's one year photo the other day on our fireplace mantel and I about died.
I picked up Carly, picked up the picture, and said, "OMAWORD!"
My girls look so much alike at the age of one.
Lidia's hair was shorter, and Carly's hair has gotten lighter...
take a looksy!
Lidia's one year pictures... 7/10

Carly 8/11

and if you don't see it,
just humor me, k??


Jessica said...

I love seeing the younger sibling do everything the older did/does! It brings back wonderful memories & makes even more great ones!

Annie said...

Aww...Sisters are the best!!