August 11, 2011

The tales of a Mexican restaurant...

Last night we went out for Mexican food.
My mother, my sister, my 2 kiddos, my friend, her two kids, and myself.
Dinner for 4 adults and 4 kids please? Anyone?
Oh how the waiters and customers hated us...

Anyway, we decided to walk to the restaurant.
So I walk in with my double stroller and immediately get the stink eye.
Then I proceed to sit my kiddos down.
Wellll Lidia's "I haven't had a nap today attitude" came out and she began screaming.
So I had to take her out of the restaurant and have a talk.
She screamed even harder.
A lady walked in laughing saying, "I remember those days muahaha"
As if that's supposed to help?
In a way it did make me feel a little better I guess....

So I take her back in the restaurant and told my mom we were leaving since she wouldn't calm down but she should stay.
It was a bad idea to come in the first place.
So we walk out of the restaurant and I see my friend pull up with her two kids.
(She was meeting us there)
Instantly, Lidia's 'tude changed.
"Aya! Aya! Aya! Mama I want Aya!"
(Ava... her 5 year old bff)
So we decided to turn around and GO BACK IN THE RESTAURANT.
Second stink eye of the night when we walked in.

So all is well and we sit down to a "nice mexican dinner" with our 4 children.
Did you know that some restaurants are trying to ban children from them?
Well after last night, I might know why.
Our dinner consisted of...
Lidia actually being good and pretty quiet eating her chips and salsa,
but taking her rice and spreading it all over the table and floor.
She did the same thing with her lemonade and ice.
Her area of the table looked like a war zone.

Carly was an angel.
She ate like a 300 lb man would and sat in her high chair the whole time
BUT the mess she made? The stares she got from the mess she made?
Also, Ava was obsessed with feeding her, kissing her, and telling her she was "her baby"
She went back and forth from her chair to Carly's about 2397849 times.
She even went as far as saying, "Mommy when I have a new baby, I want one just like Carly"
Awww so sweet.
Yes I have the best baby in the world.

Then Ava turned from sweet babysitter to crazy 5 year old.
"Mommy my boobies are driving me crazy"
"My butt this and my butt that"
"Youre a ding dong"
My favorite line she's ever said, "Mommy Renee Icky Boobies"
hahaha ok that's terrible, she doesn't normally talk like that but it's funny... right? right?
at least its not my child?

Anyway then her brother "Mr. I never talk" spoke right up.
That might have been the first word I have ever heard out of this mouth.
and again... "Boobies"
"Boobies, Boobies, Boobies"
the rest of the night.
And as we were walking out,
the last thing he said before going out the door
In front of everyone.

At that point I stopped breathing from laughing so hard
and everyone in the restaurant stared at us as we walked out...
 ya know with my double stroller and all.
Oh and the waiters were cleaning up our mess before we even left our table...
it was that bad.
I can only imagine a big round of applause going off as we left the building.
What can ya do right?

Talk about it the next day on the blog...
and never go out to eat again.

The End.


Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Haha you poor thing, i laughed at the entire thing because I can totally feel your pain! Haha but I want mexican food now! Yummmmmmm!

Annie said...

oh man...I hear ya! and THIS is the reason that we dropped the kids off at the in-laws before we went out to dinner last night! I just do not think that my kids can handle it! ha............

oh well....this is just a phase and soon we will be able to go out like a normal family....right?! right?! :)