September 29, 2011

Dear L&C,

To my babies,
I haven't written a letter to either of you in quite awhile, so I thought it'd be the perfect time to write one to both of you. As you know, your Mama loves you so so so much. There is not an hour in the day that goes by that I don't think of either of you. The other day I was thinking about both of your personalities. It's so funny because you are both so different, yet so similar.

Lidia, you are so crazy when it comes to being hyper, talking all the time, saying funny things, throwing fits, making up new games to play, you think you make your own nap/bedtimes, (grrrrr!) and did I mention talking all the time? But you can also be pretty chill and relax because you like to sit and watch tv and movies, color and paint, and most of all, cuddle with your Mama.

After thinking about how funny that was, I started thinking that you, Carly, are the same way but opposite. Your personality is definitely alot more relaxed then Sissy. You "talk" when you want to, can play and keep yourself entertained really well, (unless Sissy's in the room, then you HAVE to do what she's doing or steal her toys), you're on a pretty strict schedule with bedtime and naps, and you're a big homebody ... like I said, pretty "chill" like Daddy. But on the other hand, you are CRAZY! Even though you are more quiet, you get into everything! You will not sit still for a second, and you refuse to cuddle.

I love everything about both of you and I wouldn't trade a single minute without either of you. Except when you, Lidia, throw an hour long fit because you wants your shoes off, just to calm down and want your shoes back on. Or when you, Carly, scream "AHHH!" at the top of your lungs in the car about 2600 times in 5 minutes, because you think it's funny. I could definitely live without those things, but I love you just the same!

Love you to the moon,

Also, few funny/new things the girls are saying/doing these days as well...
(Well, mainly Lidia, because she talks nonstop)

- "Mama lookit hair! You do you hair Mama? Pretty hair mama!"
(yes, she notices I don't do my hair much and I just happened to this morning :)
(and yes, she says Mama after EVERYTHING)

-Me: "Lidia do you want to go watch "Buzz" (Toy Story) in Mama's bed before bedtime?"
Lidia: "No, I cuddle Mama. Lush you sooo much mama! Give me kiss!"
(trying to put off bedtime, of course)

- Carly: "Nahhh! Nahhhh! Nahh bye bye. Nahh mama. Nahhh isss (sis)"
(can you tell her favorite word is Nah??? (no))

- Lidia everytime we're in the car, "Bye house! Bye Bailey! (our dog) Bye Toys! Bye Papa, papa go to work. Mama no go work. Bye car! Bump! (when we go over bumps) Big truck! Vroom vroom! Sissy quiet! Sissy sleeping! Sissy sick. (?) I go Lulu's house? I go Kiki's house? Where'd truck go? Airplane mama! Airplane bye bye! Mama no go work...
(yes, we get it Lidia. you talk ALOT and you dont want mama to go to work :))

September 27, 2011

In three words or less...

In three words or less, and in no particular order...
This is what our weekend was made up of!

Besties bridal shower

Gift from Groom

"Bye mailman!"

Homecoming Parade

Fighting over toys

Snuggles with Papa

Sleeping on Kiley

Besties for life

Sisters for life

More fighting

Playing ball

Loving fall weather

Hanging with Ramsey

More papa snuggles

Other weekend adventures of ours included...
Lidia's dance class
Celebrating LuLu and Grandpa's wedding anniversary
Rearranged the living room
Lidia went to"big girl" Sunday School class all by herself
Played at the park while Mommy hosted the Bridal Shower
Ran lots of errands for said Bridal Shower
Watched Bridesmaids
Hubbs and I got out for almost 2 hours on Friday for dinner!

What did YOU do?

September 22, 2011

When the cats away, the mice will play...

the girlsAs you all should know,
I get to keep my "mommy sanity" 3 days a week by going to work.
The other two days I get to lay around and play chase crazy kids around all day.
the best job in the world, right?
Yeah I guess it is somedays :)

But in all reality, we've gotten really lucky when it comes to work.
When I got preggo diego with Lidia,
I had just gotten laid off  from my job at Citi.
Yep, I was one of those people who worked for Citi.
And I was one of those people that got laid off.
But it worked out well and I got a pretty amazing severance package.
Talk about getting paid for 3 months without working for the company... yeah buddy!
But I still needed a job.
 After searching for only a few weeks, I found my current job at Pioneer and I was ecstatic!
But...It was only part-time.
So I was pretty nervous about the money situation, but I couldn't pass up a job at an amazing company.

Let's just fast forward and skip to the present.
Basically that lay off was a blessing in disguise.
Most things are right?
Matt ended up owning his own insurance agency, which allowed me to continue to work part-time.
Once Lidia and Carly were both here, I was actually able to cut my hours even more!
So now here we are, almost 3 years later.
I work Tuesday - Thursday, and I couldn't ask for a better schedule
so I can be home with my leading ladies on Mondays and Fridays!
Helllllo long weekend.... every weekend.

But what makes our situation even better?
The fact that when we are both at work, the girls get to hang out with the grandparents.
Quality grandparent time and not paying for daycare?
My MIL is with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, rotating between our house and hers to give the girls some variety.
My mom is with them on Wednesday afternoons at her house.
It's pretty awesome.
But what's even more awesome?
I can know what the girls are doing at all times.
I'm that mom and proud of it.
So wanna get a glimpse of pictures that are sent to me at work from the grandmas
 because they rock and they know my obsession with my kiddos?
Of course you do...
Wrestling on "kiki's" bed. (My MIL is Kiki)

Playing on her "puter" (computer)

Coloring, of course.

Jumping rope at "Lulu's" (my mom is Lulu)

Eating popsicles for lunch... why not, right?
You're at grandmas house afterall...

"Kitty talka the phone too!"

Ring-a-round the rosey

Life talks on our front porch in silly hats.

wagon rides.

Looks like the girls have it pretty easy breezy, eh?
Lucky ducks.

September 21, 2011

Date Night!

It's not what you're thinking though.
I wish :)
Last night, I had a date with this girl...
Aint she cute?
We went to the mall and had dinner at Panera.
Then we walked around some stores of course and she refused to sit in the stroller.
She wanted to help me push it the entire time... duh mom.
 So we went into Pottery Barn kids because I needed to put some things on my
"look but can't buy" list and torture myself.
So one minute my side kick is right beside me "oohing and ahhing" at all the wannabe big girl bedrooms with me, and the next she's gone.
Where on earth did she go?
In the corner of this wall and the dresser and she gave her mom a heart attack.
"But I was just playing peek-a-boo mama!"
She's too cute...

So then after our chase around the mall,
I decided to let her burn off some of that energy at the play place.
Let me tell you, she's a maniac.
I mean, she's fearless!
She would climb up the stairs and then try to walk DOWN the slides, almost killing herself.

Walking down slides.

So why did Carly and Mama have a date?
Because Lidia and Papa had a date of their own at the mall!
They went to see The Lion King!
It was Lidia's first movie at a movie theater and she did so well!
I was sad to miss one of her firsts, but so glad Papa got to enjoy it.
Its the little things people :)

Eating her popcorn.

Little girl in a big theater!

So precious!
After the movie was over, I couldn't wait to hear all about it!
(Although Matt kept me updated throughout the movie, I wanted to hear what Lidia had to say)
She came out yelling, "Mama I go to movie! Lion... rawr!!"
She obviously loved it.

September 20, 2011


I'm kind of in a blog funk as of late, if you can't tell.
Maybe it's because my mind is so full of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, 
and Maid of Honor speeches for my besties wedding in only 1 1/2 months...
 that its sucked all creativity out of me.
Oh well,
Happy Bride/Wife, Happy Life, right?

So here's a little randomness about our life for your reading pleasure...

Lidia is at the age where she is starting to refuse naps.
One day she will take a 3-4 hour nap, and the next day... no nap.
So some days she will end up asleep on the couch at 5:30 like so,
and ruin all hopes for an early bedtime...

This weekend was Lidia's second week of dance/tumbling.
She did GREAT!
Because she was the ONLY kid in class and she got the teacher's full attention.
Oh, and she got to play with a parachute and jump on a trampoline...
Heaven on earth for a two-year-old.
And yes, she dressed herself that morning in her "tutu" and pants.
Oh and don't mind the fact that she looks like she's 8 years old in this picture...

We ate a mexican restaurant over the weekend and both girls did great!
I know this is a weird thing to talk about because most people eat out regularly,
but with our two psycho amazing kiddos?
We just don't.
And compared to our restaurant experience I talked about last month, they did amazing.
Which oddly enough was also mexican food :)
Lidia colored the whole time, ate chips and salsa, and drank from "Lidia's cup"
Carly stared at the babies next to us, ate like a 50 year old man, and ran around the restaurant like a crazy kid.
Because, well, she's turned into a crazy kid.

Mama got a new hair do.
After getting my hair done on Tuesday and it turning out RED/ORANGE,
I had to get it fixed because I wasn't going to go my whole life wearing a ponytail.
I have a hot man to impress, amen?
Anyway, I went back Thursday night and the girl stripped my hair of the red, and died it brown.
I had to go back the next day for highlights since the salon closed.
But after 3 days in a salon and no joke, 300 DOLLARS LATER, here's my new do...
(hehe and I made that face for one of my friends I texted this pic too... dont hate)

Lidia in her hat and her pudding face after kissing papa... 'nuff said.

This is what I deal with on an hourly basis.
Sibling rivalry.
And honestly, I never thought it would start this young.
But it has, and it's bad.
 And Carly is too blame for most of it.
She runs around tackling Lidia, hugging her from the back and never letting go, stealing toys, pulling hair,
and laughing about everything she does in the process.
So for some reason,
I didn't feel too sorry for my littlest when Lidia gave her a chokehold yesterday...
But I did break it up 2 seconds later :)

Again, the result of a 2-year-old that played with her purse and dolls in her bed
 instead of taking a nap yesterday....
She fell asleep early while watching "Buzz" (Toy Story) in Mama and Papas bed.
The little hands behind the head kill me! She's too cute.

Carly Carly Carly.
What can I say about my little boo bear Carly???
She's crazy? A boy? Obsessed with mama? Going through one of those stages?
My sweet baby Carly has turned into a monster.
A cute monster, but a monster nonetheless.
She torments her sister like I said before, and she torments us as well.
She thinks its funny... literally.
But if you try to get out of harms way and leave the room?
She has a meltdown.
Noone can leave her sight.
Oh, and she falls down and hurts herself at least twice a day.
Like I said, she's all boy.
But she's still our excellent sleeper/eater and we get some relief during either one of those times.
But if all else fails...
hand her some shades.
She knows she's too cool for school....