September 22, 2011

When the cats away, the mice will play...

the girlsAs you all should know,
I get to keep my "mommy sanity" 3 days a week by going to work.
The other two days I get to lay around and play chase crazy kids around all day.
the best job in the world, right?
Yeah I guess it is somedays :)

But in all reality, we've gotten really lucky when it comes to work.
When I got preggo diego with Lidia,
I had just gotten laid off  from my job at Citi.
Yep, I was one of those people who worked for Citi.
And I was one of those people that got laid off.
But it worked out well and I got a pretty amazing severance package.
Talk about getting paid for 3 months without working for the company... yeah buddy!
But I still needed a job.
 After searching for only a few weeks, I found my current job at Pioneer and I was ecstatic!
But...It was only part-time.
So I was pretty nervous about the money situation, but I couldn't pass up a job at an amazing company.

Let's just fast forward and skip to the present.
Basically that lay off was a blessing in disguise.
Most things are right?
Matt ended up owning his own insurance agency, which allowed me to continue to work part-time.
Once Lidia and Carly were both here, I was actually able to cut my hours even more!
So now here we are, almost 3 years later.
I work Tuesday - Thursday, and I couldn't ask for a better schedule
so I can be home with my leading ladies on Mondays and Fridays!
Helllllo long weekend.... every weekend.

But what makes our situation even better?
The fact that when we are both at work, the girls get to hang out with the grandparents.
Quality grandparent time and not paying for daycare?
My MIL is with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, rotating between our house and hers to give the girls some variety.
My mom is with them on Wednesday afternoons at her house.
It's pretty awesome.
But what's even more awesome?
I can know what the girls are doing at all times.
I'm that mom and proud of it.
So wanna get a glimpse of pictures that are sent to me at work from the grandmas
 because they rock and they know my obsession with my kiddos?
Of course you do...
Wrestling on "kiki's" bed. (My MIL is Kiki)

Playing on her "puter" (computer)

Coloring, of course.

Jumping rope at "Lulu's" (my mom is Lulu)

Eating popsicles for lunch... why not, right?
You're at grandmas house afterall...

"Kitty talka the phone too!"

Ring-a-round the rosey

Life talks on our front porch in silly hats.

wagon rides.

Looks like the girls have it pretty easy breezy, eh?
Lucky ducks.


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Awww! If you aren't with your kids, the next best thing is for them to be with loving Grandma's! :D

Looks like they have LOTS of fun times...I love love love kitty talka the phone too! :D

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

parents rock!

i plan on being 'that' grandparent..if i'm watch my grandbabies.

lucky you and ur girls!