September 21, 2011

Date Night!

It's not what you're thinking though.
I wish :)
Last night, I had a date with this girl...
Aint she cute?
We went to the mall and had dinner at Panera.
Then we walked around some stores of course and she refused to sit in the stroller.
She wanted to help me push it the entire time... duh mom.
 So we went into Pottery Barn kids because I needed to put some things on my
"look but can't buy" list and torture myself.
So one minute my side kick is right beside me "oohing and ahhing" at all the wannabe big girl bedrooms with me, and the next she's gone.
Where on earth did she go?
In the corner of this wall and the dresser and she gave her mom a heart attack.
"But I was just playing peek-a-boo mama!"
She's too cute...

So then after our chase around the mall,
I decided to let her burn off some of that energy at the play place.
Let me tell you, she's a maniac.
I mean, she's fearless!
She would climb up the stairs and then try to walk DOWN the slides, almost killing herself.

Walking down slides.

So why did Carly and Mama have a date?
Because Lidia and Papa had a date of their own at the mall!
They went to see The Lion King!
It was Lidia's first movie at a movie theater and she did so well!
I was sad to miss one of her firsts, but so glad Papa got to enjoy it.
Its the little things people :)

Eating her popcorn.

Little girl in a big theater!

So precious!
After the movie was over, I couldn't wait to hear all about it!
(Although Matt kept me updated throughout the movie, I wanted to hear what Lidia had to say)
She came out yelling, "Mama I go to movie! Lion... rawr!!"
She obviously loved it.


B said...

Ah! They're getting so big. Such a fun date night :)

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

AWE! I love good dates with only 1 kiddo! I always feel like they each need their special time!:) Looks like you two had a blast and Lidia had fun on her date with daddy!:)