September 29, 2011

Dear L&C,

To my babies,
I haven't written a letter to either of you in quite awhile, so I thought it'd be the perfect time to write one to both of you. As you know, your Mama loves you so so so much. There is not an hour in the day that goes by that I don't think of either of you. The other day I was thinking about both of your personalities. It's so funny because you are both so different, yet so similar.

Lidia, you are so crazy when it comes to being hyper, talking all the time, saying funny things, throwing fits, making up new games to play, you think you make your own nap/bedtimes, (grrrrr!) and did I mention talking all the time? But you can also be pretty chill and relax because you like to sit and watch tv and movies, color and paint, and most of all, cuddle with your Mama.

After thinking about how funny that was, I started thinking that you, Carly, are the same way but opposite. Your personality is definitely alot more relaxed then Sissy. You "talk" when you want to, can play and keep yourself entertained really well, (unless Sissy's in the room, then you HAVE to do what she's doing or steal her toys), you're on a pretty strict schedule with bedtime and naps, and you're a big homebody ... like I said, pretty "chill" like Daddy. But on the other hand, you are CRAZY! Even though you are more quiet, you get into everything! You will not sit still for a second, and you refuse to cuddle.

I love everything about both of you and I wouldn't trade a single minute without either of you. Except when you, Lidia, throw an hour long fit because you wants your shoes off, just to calm down and want your shoes back on. Or when you, Carly, scream "AHHH!" at the top of your lungs in the car about 2600 times in 5 minutes, because you think it's funny. I could definitely live without those things, but I love you just the same!

Love you to the moon,

Also, few funny/new things the girls are saying/doing these days as well...
(Well, mainly Lidia, because she talks nonstop)

- "Mama lookit hair! You do you hair Mama? Pretty hair mama!"
(yes, she notices I don't do my hair much and I just happened to this morning :)
(and yes, she says Mama after EVERYTHING)

-Me: "Lidia do you want to go watch "Buzz" (Toy Story) in Mama's bed before bedtime?"
Lidia: "No, I cuddle Mama. Lush you sooo much mama! Give me kiss!"
(trying to put off bedtime, of course)

- Carly: "Nahhh! Nahhhh! Nahh bye bye. Nahh mama. Nahhh isss (sis)"
(can you tell her favorite word is Nah??? (no))

- Lidia everytime we're in the car, "Bye house! Bye Bailey! (our dog) Bye Toys! Bye Papa, papa go to work. Mama no go work. Bye car! Bump! (when we go over bumps) Big truck! Vroom vroom! Sissy quiet! Sissy sleeping! Sissy sick. (?) I go Lulu's house? I go Kiki's house? Where'd truck go? Airplane mama! Airplane bye bye! Mama no go work...
(yes, we get it Lidia. you talk ALOT and you dont want mama to go to work :))


Joeylee said...

how sweet. Kids say and do the craziest things, but you gotta love em!

Mandy said...

Check out my blog've got an award!