September 01, 2011


Do you ever get emotionally connected to a heartbreaking story about someone that touches your heart in the biggest way?
Maybe you know this person/family or maybe you don't, but for some reason you feel like you need to help in whatever way you can? Prayers, thoughts, cards, donations, anything?

When I saw this post on Allie's blog yesterday,
I immediately knew I wanted to get involved and support this family after such a tragedy.
Karrie was a little girl that was battling neuroblastoma for a few years.
Not long after celebrating her 9th birthday like a rockstar... Karrie passed away.
She was able to celebrate her last birthday in the best way all thanks to people getting involved.
People that didn't even know her sent cards and gifts... How awesome is that???

This is so heartbreaking to hear,
but I'm so glad she was able to celebrate a special day just for her like all kids should.
This just touches close to home as a mother,
because noone can ever imagine something like this happening to their family.
So after emailing back and forth with Allie,
we decided we wanted to do something special for this girls' family.
Something more than a card.

So Allie, Becky, and I decided to go in together and get the family a canvas print of a picture of Karrie.
We thought this would be special, something different, and something they can keep forever.
If any of you would like to join in, feel free to email any of us and we will give you details.
There are also several other ways that you can get involved to help this family out...
and the biggest one is to pray for this family.

If you would like to get involved in any other way, please visit Allie's blog for more details,
or you can read more about Karrie's story at their site:

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Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

This is the most touching post. You have a GIANT and BEAUTIFUL heart...I love that you are doing your part to help out this family.

I'm not familiar with their story (definitely about to check out the site), but I do get so wrapped up in the good times and tragedies of all of my little blog friends.

LOVE that last quote. The power of prayer is an amazing thing.