September 20, 2011


I'm kind of in a blog funk as of late, if you can't tell.
Maybe it's because my mind is so full of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, 
and Maid of Honor speeches for my besties wedding in only 1 1/2 months...
 that its sucked all creativity out of me.
Oh well,
Happy Bride/Wife, Happy Life, right?

So here's a little randomness about our life for your reading pleasure...

Lidia is at the age where she is starting to refuse naps.
One day she will take a 3-4 hour nap, and the next day... no nap.
So some days she will end up asleep on the couch at 5:30 like so,
and ruin all hopes for an early bedtime...

This weekend was Lidia's second week of dance/tumbling.
She did GREAT!
Because she was the ONLY kid in class and she got the teacher's full attention.
Oh, and she got to play with a parachute and jump on a trampoline...
Heaven on earth for a two-year-old.
And yes, she dressed herself that morning in her "tutu" and pants.
Oh and don't mind the fact that she looks like she's 8 years old in this picture...

We ate a mexican restaurant over the weekend and both girls did great!
I know this is a weird thing to talk about because most people eat out regularly,
but with our two psycho amazing kiddos?
We just don't.
And compared to our restaurant experience I talked about last month, they did amazing.
Which oddly enough was also mexican food :)
Lidia colored the whole time, ate chips and salsa, and drank from "Lidia's cup"
Carly stared at the babies next to us, ate like a 50 year old man, and ran around the restaurant like a crazy kid.
Because, well, she's turned into a crazy kid.

Mama got a new hair do.
After getting my hair done on Tuesday and it turning out RED/ORANGE,
I had to get it fixed because I wasn't going to go my whole life wearing a ponytail.
I have a hot man to impress, amen?
Anyway, I went back Thursday night and the girl stripped my hair of the red, and died it brown.
I had to go back the next day for highlights since the salon closed.
But after 3 days in a salon and no joke, 300 DOLLARS LATER, here's my new do...
(hehe and I made that face for one of my friends I texted this pic too... dont hate)

Lidia in her hat and her pudding face after kissing papa... 'nuff said.

This is what I deal with on an hourly basis.
Sibling rivalry.
And honestly, I never thought it would start this young.
But it has, and it's bad.
 And Carly is too blame for most of it.
She runs around tackling Lidia, hugging her from the back and never letting go, stealing toys, pulling hair,
and laughing about everything she does in the process.
So for some reason,
I didn't feel too sorry for my littlest when Lidia gave her a chokehold yesterday...
But I did break it up 2 seconds later :)

Again, the result of a 2-year-old that played with her purse and dolls in her bed
 instead of taking a nap yesterday....
She fell asleep early while watching "Buzz" (Toy Story) in Mama and Papas bed.
The little hands behind the head kill me! She's too cute.

Carly Carly Carly.
What can I say about my little boo bear Carly???
She's crazy? A boy? Obsessed with mama? Going through one of those stages?
My sweet baby Carly has turned into a monster.
A cute monster, but a monster nonetheless.
She torments her sister like I said before, and she torments us as well.
She thinks its funny... literally.
But if you try to get out of harms way and leave the room?
She has a meltdown.
Noone can leave her sight.
Oh, and she falls down and hurts herself at least twice a day.
Like I said, she's all boy.
But she's still our excellent sleeper/eater and we get some relief during either one of those times.
But if all else fails...
hand her some shades.
She knows she's too cool for school....


Kati McDonald said...

lush you, gf! And your babies are too cute and growing SO FAST!

Megan said...

They are changing and becoming little ladies OH NO!!!! Too cute. And your new color = LOVE it, you look good momma!