September 08, 2011

Sometimes Criminal Minds does a number on me...

Who watches Criminal Minds?
Me! Me! Oh pick me!
Of course I do.
For no other reason but to stare at this guy...
Even my 13 year old sister is in love.
Anyway, I'm a fan of the show regardless of Mr. McYummy.
I mean, you can turn on the tv at any time of the day
and almost guarantee and old episode is on....
so of course it's easy to get addicted.

But sometimes the episodes are downright traumatizing.
I can be watching it in pure daylight at 2pm,
while the kids are napping,
and I get afraid I'm going to be the victim of a serial killer, or my children will be taken in their sleep, or whatever other nonsense is going on in the show.
I mean, it's 2012, nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to violence.

So since becoming a fan of the show and also a mom,
I've gotten super paranoid.
Like bad.
I ask Matt,"did you make sure EVERY SINGLE  DOOR was locked?" every night before bed.
Or I do it myself since he sucks at it :)
I also check EVERY SINGLE WINDOW to make sure they are closed and locked,
 just in case someone tries to break in...
 because obviously that was in an episode of the show.
Matt thinks it's funny to get me worked up over my paranoia.
"Did you hear that noise?" "Did you know it'd be easy to break in our basement?"
Etc. Etc. Etc.
Funny husband. You're sooo funny.

But reality really set in on my paranoid self today.
I was in my car.
Oh wait.
I was in a loaner "old school Cadillac" today
(yes I'm that cool and yes our truck is still getting fixed)
Anyway, I was in the car today when I heard,
"Excuse me maam"
I look up and see this...
Creepy. Old. Man.
(And yes, I googled... "creepy old man")
When I looked up and saw this man, I froze.
 Panicked. Saw my life flash before my eyes. (dramatic say what?)
I thought for sure he was going to pull out a gun and steal my purse.
Or steal the awesome Cadi I was in.
the list goes on.
But the poor guy just needed some change to catch a bus.
I thought "Dear Lord please help me have some change so I don't get murdered"
But thankfully I found 2 dollars, handed them to him, and he smiled and skipped off.
I mean, how sad is that?
I'm scared to even give an old man some change?
To help someone out?
What has this world come to?
What have you done to me Criminal Minds?!?!?!?
I blame you. :)
Tell me I'm not alone...

But I guess you can't be too careful these days.
Especially when you live your life for these beauties...


Kati McDonald said...

ahhh! you are so ME! But while I like criminal minds, my poison is Law and Order: SVU. Which is all about children...and rape. If that doesn't keep you up at night I don't know what will. I can't even run when it's dark. You know all the stories are about a poor innocent runner who gets attacked by lurking man in the trees. Ahhh! I could talk to you about this for hours..clearly.

Jessica said...

I've never seen Criminal Minds, but wow I may have to start watching it if it means I get to look at him through the whole show! Wow! I am right there with Kati, I watch SVU & can't take my eyes off of it, but then don't sleep at night thanks to it. Being a mom totally changes everything & makes you SO much more paranoid for sure!