September 14, 2011

You drive me CrAzY!

This girl?
No way.
She could never drive me crazy... right?
Look at that silly face...

or this one...
(hehe I laugh everytime I see this picture!)

She sure is a character, super smart,
and a strong-willed sonofagun that's for sure.
But this week has been a huge week for Lidia.
She has had to learn to actually listen and follow directions... shocker I know.
And it's tested mommy patience... ALOT!
So what am I talking about???

We are on Day 3 of POTTY TRAINING!
And what do you know? She's actually doing great!
She's had her fair share of accidents, but she knows what she's doing.
She is in her "Hello Kitty" panties all day long and diapers at night.
I'm not going to get into disgusting bathroom details of how she's been doing,
 I'll just say that for Day 3...We are on a roll!
I'm not doing anything for rewards of going on the potty like candy or stickers,
because as you can see...
Her Papa gives her plenty of those without going potty! :)
He's a sucker for her... get it?! hehe

Lidia started Dance Class on Saturday!
It's a "mommy and me" type dance/tumble class and I love it!
She was that kid on her first day of dance.
She didn't do too well the first ten minutes of class.
She wanted to run, jump, and play and not listen to her mama or the teacher.
But after I took her out in the hallway to talk and calm her down,
she did great the last part of class!
She learned to roll, walk on a balance beam, jump off mats, etc.
The hardest part for Lidia will be listening to the teacher and waiting her turn.
I think it will be really good for her though!
(Carly was our little cheerleader that day!)

Lidia also got her flower girl dress for my best friends wedding in November this week!
She will be 1 of 3 flower girls and I'm hoping she does great!
Her best friend, Ava, is one of the others,
 so I'm sure they will have a blast walking together.
If not, I'm the Matron of Honor,
 and I will be up front so she can just run to me, right?
See? I'm nervous about it and I'm talking myself into thinking she will do good.
Because otherwise, I see her throwing herself down on the ground,
 and throwing a fit in front of 200 people.
That will probably happen...
Because trying to get this dress off of her after trying it on...
Was no bueno.
She threw a royal fit and we left the store with her still in the dress,
 and a stain on it about 5 minutes later.

(yep, she's picking her nose, classic.)

And last but certainly not least,
my little punkin head Carly.
She hasn't had as big of a week as Lidia, but she's still my number one gal.
She looked too cute in her pigtails yesterday.
loves her.


Taylor said...

Sorry to hear about all the trouble! I am sure it gets better day by day and every child has "those"days such cute pictures and your girls are adorable! :) cant wait to have kids of my own!

Mama Tully said...

Aww, but she is so darn cute in that ballet outfit! I LOVE it!
And that's awesome that she is potty trained (pretty much!)! I need to get on that.

Raven said...

yay for potty training! I waited til the last minute with Gunner, right before he started school only because he HAD to be potty trained. I thought it would SUCK but it went SO WELL! And took like, 3 days and then bam, potty trained for life! The funny thing with me was that he never would do it if I prompted him, he would only do it without me knowing and he definitely does NOT WANT ME TO WATCH HAHAHA!!

Megan said...

They are both so cute! love the pigtails :)