October 29, 2011

Terrible Twos cont...

In the last few months, we have come to know the most stubborn, hard-headed, "mommy smart"
 (knows how to work Mommy), toddler in the world...
She comes in the form of the 2 year old at our house named; Lidia.
Now Lidia has always been stubborn, sassy, crazy, a terrible sleeper, a bad eater, and all around
"I'll do what I want, when I want" type of gal.
But in the past few months, Lidia has taken her personality to a whole other level.

Let's draw out a few examples shall we?

-For a week straight she only wanted to wear her "dance dress" and nothing else.
(for the record, I only let her do this one whole day... she's not that spoiled!)
(The infamous dance dress... oh and uncle Eric :)

- She hates clothes and shoes.
We go through about 3 outfits/shoes and she has about 4 fits before we can leave anywhere... daily.
and... she'd rather be naked.

-Sleep sucks. Period.
She hates sleeping in her bed.
She hates sleeping alone.
She has night terrors.
She wakes up every night.
She goes to bed wayyy too late.
.... and the list goes on.
I've let this go on way too long and I'm hoping my new plan to a new "restful" Lidia will work!
Otherwise we will have this type of sleeper on our hands for the rest of our lives....

*She has the biggest fights with her sister/meltdowns/fits/tantrums known to man.
When she's throwing a tantrum, she has to go in timeout and stay in there until she is done crying and
 she usually comes out happy as a clam!
This is the one area that we have become consistent on and she has learned her boundaries.
We just have to get her to learn to like to wear clothes :)

But the sleep area is a disaster! As well as her eating habits...
After we took her pacifier away, her bedtime schedule went out the window.
I feel like I was just in survival mode, and now I want to fix the problem!
I was online learning ways "to get your toddler to sleep"
and I'm hoping this new schedule I have mapped out in my head works!
But as for the eating... anyone have any ideas?
Anyone have any other ideas to help with a stubborn, non-eating, non-sleeping, non-clothing wearing toddler that loves to fight with her sister over almost everything?

But regardless of how crazy she can be, she is super sweet, loving, caring,  and hilarious...

October 28, 2011

Husband has a mistress...

This is his convo with the infamous new personal assistant for the iPhone 4s, Serie. I told you he's obsessed with his new Iphone...

October 27, 2011

A DIY banner!

After being in this blogging community,
and of course with Pinterest being so popular...
I've decided I need to do more DIY projects.
I love them and I love reading about them.
My only problem is... where do I start?!
So I've started simple.
I had made a few DIY projects for the girls' birthday party, for a bridal shower, and some crafts for the girls, but not many projects for around the house.
So I decided to go the cheapest route and work up from there.
Makes sense right?
I'm not sure where I saw this idea from but it was super easy, and super cheap.

A doily banner:
What you need:
A package of doily's........ $1.00 at the dollar store.
tape or glue........had at home
(I used two-sided tape)
string.........had at home
Total for the project: $1.00
(all pictures via my amazing blackberry :)

What you do:
Get your supplies together.
Fold one doily in half.
Put tape on the crease where you folded the doily.
Then attach to the string!
repeat until you get the desired amount of doily's on the string for your banner.
Easy peasy.

I made two different banners for Carly's room.
I'm going to admit here that I haven't done much of anything with Carly's room,
so I knew this would be a good start to sprucing up her room.
I hung one above her bed, and one above her toy chest.
Oh hi baby!

So yeah, like I said.
Super simple, super cheap and super cute!

October 26, 2011


Lidia has a best friend Ava.
Ava just so happens to be my best friends daughter.
Ava came over this week and they were playing ever so nicely in Lidia's room.
Ava calls to me in the kitchen and says, "Britt come look at Lidia! But close your eyes first!"
So I walk into Lidia's room and see this....
She was tied up to her dresser with headbands, bows, and tights of course.
I haven't laughed that hard in forever!
I mean, the look on her face alone was priceless and forever embedded in my head.
Ava said Lidia was in jail....which made me laugh even harder.
So, since I laughed so hard, Ava thought her invention was pretty cool,
 and she had to be tied up and put in jail too.
So I put her in jail.
Don't nobody mess with my baby!
And of course, I was also in line to be put in jail.
I'm a good sport and went along with it... :)
But seriously, these are moments and pictures I will always look back on.
You are never to old to play and have fun!
And you are never too young to go to jail! :)

October 25, 2011

Our weekend of Tantrums and Celebrating marriage!

As you know,
my weekends start on Thursday evenings.
So our Thursday evening started out ever so nicely...
with our first fire in the fireplace!

Also, the girls found a new game to play...
with pillowcases :)
So I'd say that was a pretty good start to our weekend.

So since Thursday was filled with rainbows and sunshines,
(and a few mild tantrums...hey, they are 1 and 2 years old!)
I was hoping Friday would be a pretty good day too...
 since I was going to be home with them all day and night by myself.
I woke up to this....
Does anyone else have this much fighting going on between siblings?
I mean, it has gotten insane.
Hitting, kicking, pulling hair, and NEVER EVER sharing toys.
But this picture above?
Was tame compared to some of our days events.

Friday consisted of:
-Carly getting 2 baths by 10am
-the biggest tantrum known to man, in public, by Lidia
-Getting peed on by Lidia at the mall
-Changing Lidia's outfit 5 times before 11am
(not potty training related... she's your typical 16 year old in a 2 year olds body)
-early naptime for everyone...except me!
and I lost my mind after 12pm... so I can't remember what else happened!
But Friday was not a fun day at all.
It was a "in bed by 9:30pm for Momma type of day"

Saturday was a different story.
Saturday was the much anticipated Bachelor/Bachelorette party I had been planning,
and the party turned out great!
We had the party at a hotel, we dressed up in Halloween costumes and went to a haunted house, and then back to the hotel for games/poker.
Pretty perfect for a bachelorette that is preggo, amen?
The girls dressed in 80's gear and we rocked it wouldn't you say?

Then Sunday rolled around.
Another much anticipated day....
and this is how we celebrated...
A home cooked meal,
the top of our wedding cake,
and sharing our day with our two favorite girls!
I know it doesn't seem like much,
but to me, it was perfect!
Matt made dinner reservations for that evening, but we decided to cancel and stay home instead.
We had already been away from the babes the night before,
and there was no reason not to share our day with them, amen?

So overall,
our weekend was pretty fantastic.
Tantrums and all!

October 23, 2011

Hack your wife's blog Sunday!

In this first and probably last edition of 'Hack your wife's blog Sunday' I will be discussing the topic which I have titled "Iphone Vs. Wife"

Britt may have talked about how I got the new Iphone4s last week, what she didn't mention was my endless anticipation that led up to it. Since the summer I have been stalking the web looking for any indication that it was going to come out. When it was finally announced that it was coming out I made sure I had enough saved up to buy it. When I preordered it I tracked the shipping on it 3 times a day and pressured my friend at FedEx to use optional routes to get it to me quicker. I was completely obsessed with the idea of everything it could do for me and how it would make my life easier.

Britt was kind of like my Iphone. When we first started dating she was all I could ever think of. I stalked her Myspace page to learn more about her. I befriended all of your friends and tried to convince them I was the greatest guy in the world. I did everything in the world I could to get her to give me a chance and let me be in her life.

Like so many things in life, my Iphone didn't live up to my expectations. How could it? I had put it on an impossible bench of expectation. Same with opening my own business... I thought it was going to be the greatest thing in the world, but quickly the long hours and uncertainty of paychecks almost gave me a heart attack at 25. Owning my first house, a new car, new shoes... whatever it is always is a little less then the picture you had in your head.

That couldn't be further from the truth with Britt. That "impossible picture" that any man could dream of how a wife would be, Britt exceeds. It's been over 5 years since I started chasing Britt and the love I had for her then has only grown. She is the reason I've been able to own my business, buy a house, a new car and the amazing family I have been blessed with. There is nothing more I could possibly imagine having then her. I could lose everything and with her by my side I'd feel like the richest man on earth.

I love you, thank you for everything.


October 20, 2011

Wedding pics vs. 4 (One year Anniversary week!)

So where were we?
Oh yes, the only thing left to show you is the party!
Best part right?
Ok... so we left the church like so...
Got on the party bus, drove around, and stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall bar to watch the end of the Hawkeye game!
(we lost...lame)

Then we headed to the reception of course!
It was held at Sodexo/DMACC Conference Center in Newton, IA.
Only blocks from my uncles church that we were married at and right next door to the hotel.

The Bridal Party Entrance!

Time to eat.

Speech time.
{Maid of Honor. and yes, that's her daughter too... so cute!}

Best man speech.
This may or may not have been the embarrassing part of the speech :)
A few others...
My favorite part.
Our surprise slideshow and video made by our friends and family.
It was sweet, sentimental, and hilarious all at the same time.
I cried.


First dance.
The girls had to join of course!

Father/Daughter dance
Parents dance.
And then the party began!

I can't believe it will be One Year on Sunday since our amazing day!