October 27, 2011

A DIY banner!

After being in this blogging community,
and of course with Pinterest being so popular...
I've decided I need to do more DIY projects.
I love them and I love reading about them.
My only problem is... where do I start?!
So I've started simple.
I had made a few DIY projects for the girls' birthday party, for a bridal shower, and some crafts for the girls, but not many projects for around the house.
So I decided to go the cheapest route and work up from there.
Makes sense right?
I'm not sure where I saw this idea from but it was super easy, and super cheap.

A doily banner:
What you need:
A package of doily's........ $1.00 at the dollar store.
tape or glue........had at home
(I used two-sided tape)
string.........had at home
Total for the project: $1.00
(all pictures via my amazing blackberry :)

What you do:
Get your supplies together.
Fold one doily in half.
Put tape on the crease where you folded the doily.
Then attach to the string!
repeat until you get the desired amount of doily's on the string for your banner.
Easy peasy.

I made two different banners for Carly's room.
I'm going to admit here that I haven't done much of anything with Carly's room,
so I knew this would be a good start to sprucing up her room.
I hung one above her bed, and one above her toy chest.
Oh hi baby!

So yeah, like I said.
Super simple, super cheap and super cute!

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Mrs. Mama said...

so cute! nice job crafty mama!