October 12, 2011

Fritz Family Fall Bucket List

Say that sentence more than once... tongue twister.
"Fritz Family Fall Bucket List"
Who doesn't, right?
Hawkeye Football, pumpkins, Halloween, coffee, awesome weather, and Hawkeyeeee fooootball!!?!
So I mentally gave our family a bucket list.
Because when Matt and I actually wrote out a summer bucket list,
we basically got none of it accomplished.
Ahem, Matt... I'm talking to you. Yes, you blog stalker.
So, now since we've gotten some things checked off our bucket list,
I decided to make one for us.
Of course, I got a little inspiration from this lady's bucket list,
but changed mine up a bit....
(I did forget to put... "Go to as many of Aunt Chloe's soccer games on there" because that is a must!)

Ok...So here's what we've done so far!

*Pumpkin Patch!
(but like I said, we didn't get any pictures.)
*Play in leaves!
(pictures to come... silly camera phone isn't working properly)
*Watched all the Iowa Hawkeye Games so far!

*Bake Fall Cookies!
(We made/decorated them for Aunt Bubba for watching Carly while we went to Minnesota last weekend!)

Speaking of Minnesota,we crossed off...
*Visit the Spindler's in Minnesota!

(Stay tuned for more pictures of our craaaaaaazy weekend with my Minnesota bestie!
But for a sneak peak... head to her blog to check out some pictures from our weekend!) 

*Play at the park as much as possible before winter!
They love the park!
'Nuff said.

*Decorate pumpkins.
This is kiiiinda cheating.
Lidia actually decorated this with her grandma LuLu by herself.
So we still have to do this as a family, and let Carly get her hands on some paint and pumpkins!

*Fall Crafts!
We've done one fall craft so far, but we still need to get more going.
I have some ideas brewing in my head and we might do some more this weekend!

*Go to Aunt Chloe's soccer games!
After we got back from Minnesota this weekend, we went to Aunt Chloe's soccer game.
They were playing in the finals for the tournament, and they WON!
It was an awesome game that ended in a shootout.
I couldn't be more proud!
Ahhh, I remember the days I was this skinny....
 ... and of course, Carly stole the show on the ball fields!

*Brushing teeth?
Ok this isn't on the list, but was too cute not to share, right?!

What do you have planned for this Fall???

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Mrs. Mama said...

lOVE all the pics! bucket list is awesome! and cant wait to hear more about your crrraaazy weekend!