October 26, 2011


Lidia has a best friend Ava.
Ava just so happens to be my best friends daughter.
Ava came over this week and they were playing ever so nicely in Lidia's room.
Ava calls to me in the kitchen and says, "Britt come look at Lidia! But close your eyes first!"
So I walk into Lidia's room and see this....
She was tied up to her dresser with headbands, bows, and tights of course.
I haven't laughed that hard in forever!
I mean, the look on her face alone was priceless and forever embedded in my head.
Ava said Lidia was in jail....which made me laugh even harder.
So, since I laughed so hard, Ava thought her invention was pretty cool,
 and she had to be tied up and put in jail too.
So I put her in jail.
Don't nobody mess with my baby!
And of course, I was also in line to be put in jail.
I'm a good sport and went along with it... :)
But seriously, these are moments and pictures I will always look back on.
You are never to old to play and have fun!
And you are never too young to go to jail! :)


Mandy said...

Hahaha this is`prob the funniest thing I've seen!!!

Mrs. Mommy said...

soooo funny!!!!!!!!!! Priceless! LMAO

Raven said...

hhaha love it! when I first saw this post, I thought you were going to tell the story of YOUR night in jail like I did.

but this was probably a cuter, more heart warming jail story :)