October 19, 2011

Our week in Blackberry pics?

I've seen many of you do "Our week in Iphone pics" posts.
I thought I'd do my version of "Our week in Blackberry pics!"
Clever eh?

In no particular order... the pictures include;
*the twins coming for the weekend!
*a trip to the apple orchard
*playing in the leaves (and raking them as well all day Saturday)
*My preggo bestie's birthday dinner
*Playing with dolls/Barney dolls
*lots of sleeps, kisses, and snuggles
*playtime at mall play place
*dressing in Momma's heels and Piglet

This week is going to be one heckofaweek though!
Why do you ask?
On Saturday is my besties Bachelorette party!
This will not be your typical Bachelorette party full of party buses, beads, and inappropriateness though.
Again, why do you ask?
She is preggo and its a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party.
But we'll make it so much fun. I mean hello! We are staying at a hotel and going to haunted houses!
But but but!
The best part of this week???
Our one year Wedding Anniversary is on Sunday!!!
Whatever are we going to do?
No clue.
Ask Matt :)

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Joeylee said...

so cute! Keira has the brown SASSY shirt too!