October 25, 2011

Our weekend of Tantrums and Celebrating marriage!

As you know,
my weekends start on Thursday evenings.
So our Thursday evening started out ever so nicely...
with our first fire in the fireplace!

Also, the girls found a new game to play...
with pillowcases :)
So I'd say that was a pretty good start to our weekend.

So since Thursday was filled with rainbows and sunshines,
(and a few mild tantrums...hey, they are 1 and 2 years old!)
I was hoping Friday would be a pretty good day too...
 since I was going to be home with them all day and night by myself.
I woke up to this....
Does anyone else have this much fighting going on between siblings?
I mean, it has gotten insane.
Hitting, kicking, pulling hair, and NEVER EVER sharing toys.
But this picture above?
Was tame compared to some of our days events.

Friday consisted of:
-Carly getting 2 baths by 10am
-the biggest tantrum known to man, in public, by Lidia
-Getting peed on by Lidia at the mall
-Changing Lidia's outfit 5 times before 11am
(not potty training related... she's your typical 16 year old in a 2 year olds body)
-early naptime for everyone...except me!
and I lost my mind after 12pm... so I can't remember what else happened!
But Friday was not a fun day at all.
It was a "in bed by 9:30pm for Momma type of day"

Saturday was a different story.
Saturday was the much anticipated Bachelor/Bachelorette party I had been planning,
and the party turned out great!
We had the party at a hotel, we dressed up in Halloween costumes and went to a haunted house, and then back to the hotel for games/poker.
Pretty perfect for a bachelorette that is preggo, amen?
The girls dressed in 80's gear and we rocked it wouldn't you say?

Then Sunday rolled around.
Another much anticipated day....
and this is how we celebrated...
A home cooked meal,
the top of our wedding cake,
and sharing our day with our two favorite girls!
I know it doesn't seem like much,
but to me, it was perfect!
Matt made dinner reservations for that evening, but we decided to cancel and stay home instead.
We had already been away from the babes the night before,
and there was no reason not to share our day with them, amen?

So overall,
our weekend was pretty fantastic.
Tantrums and all!

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Jamie said...

I have three sisters. Unfortunately for you, I dont think the fighting is going to stop for another 19 or so years ;) Good luck!