October 20, 2011

Wedding pics vs. 4 (One year Anniversary week!)

So where were we?
Oh yes, the only thing left to show you is the party!
Best part right?
Ok... so we left the church like so...
Got on the party bus, drove around, and stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall bar to watch the end of the Hawkeye game!
(we lost...lame)

Then we headed to the reception of course!
It was held at Sodexo/DMACC Conference Center in Newton, IA.
Only blocks from my uncles church that we were married at and right next door to the hotel.

The Bridal Party Entrance!

Time to eat.

Speech time.
{Maid of Honor. and yes, that's her daughter too... so cute!}

Best man speech.
This may or may not have been the embarrassing part of the speech :)
A few others...
My favorite part.
Our surprise slideshow and video made by our friends and family.
It was sweet, sentimental, and hilarious all at the same time.
I cried.


First dance.
The girls had to join of course!

Father/Daughter dance
Parents dance.
And then the party began!

I can't believe it will be One Year on Sunday since our amazing day!


Mrs. Mama said...

loved looking through the pics! they were stunning!

Meant to be a mom said...

Your wedding pics are so fun and so so beautiful. Happy 1 year to you guys.
Your girls are getting so big :)
I love checking in on you guys.

To answer your question about the burlap picture on my blog. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you. I bought burlap material at hobby lobby. Cut it to fit that frame and took a black paint marker and made a heart with our initials and the kids initials in it.