November 24, 2011

Time for traditions and thankfulness...

Happy Almost Thanksgiving everyone!
Of course, I had to also go along with the typical bloggy post about Thanksgiving and Thankfulness but switched it up just a tad.
I loved the idea of telling your Thanksgiving traditions (sinces everyone's is so different) so I stole borrowed it from Lindsey ...

What time do you eat?  Do you eat around lunch? A late lunch? Dinner time? 
We have snacky foods (cheese and crackers, veggies, etc) in the morning. Then we eat the feast between 1 and 2pm. Dessert is usually after naptime/football watching time.

Do you have several Thanksgiving celebrations you have to attend?  Uno! Thank the Lord. My family and Matt's famiily have it together each year. Last year it was at our house and this year is at my moms house.
What are your families signature dishes?
Turkey, gravy, Mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn casserole, rolls, pie, etc. Probably more but that's all I eat, so that's all I care about :)
Do you all bring a dish or does one person cook it all?  My mom is making the turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, and whatever else she has up her sleeve. I'm bringing the corn casserole, rolls, and dessert!! Pumpkin bars and French Silk pie... homemade... Lord help us all!
What are YOUR favorite things you look forward to on Turkey Day? naptime/football watching time

Also, since all the cool kids are doing it...
I'm Thankful for...
*Our Home
Our new hardwood floors coming soon,
 and that the girls have a playroom that we can have a chalkboard wall in!
*Bella and Tori
*Only working part-time... so I can be home with my girls.
*My mom and MIL...for watching the girls the three days a week that I do work.
*Matt... for working his booty off, and he has a nice booty that I'm thankful for too :)
*Family... my close family and my extended family!
Especially being able to watch my cousins children play with mine!
*Iced tea, mexican food, pizza, lasagna, and chocolate.
*My king-size bed and fan to block out noise... otherwise I'd never be able to sleep with la husband
*Sleep... enough said.

...and I'm so so so very thankful, of course, for my babies.

What are some of your traditions?
What are you thankful for?
and always remember....

November 17, 2011

The rest of November...

I just wanted to share a few things I'm excited about that are coming up the rest of the month.

First up:
Disney on Ice!
The night before Thanksgiving, I'm going on a date with my leading lady, Lidia, to Disney on Ice.
I couldn't be more excited!
She will absolutely LOVE it!
The characters from; Toy Story, Tangled, Mickey, Aladdin, all the Princess and more?
She will be in heaven and I can not wait to see her face!
I remember when my sister took me to Beauty and the Beast on Ice when I was younger...
It was one of my favorite memories!

Next up?
I love this holiday!
Food, Family, Food, Friends, and Food?
I love that Matts family and my family get together at the same house to celebrate.
It's perfect.
I'm also excited to dress the girls in their matching shirts I got off a cute little Etsy shop.
Pictures to come, of course!

I'm also excited this:
I've never ever gone out for Black Friday (although I've wanted to and might this year!)
so I think this is great!
All the deals without leaving my house?
Done dada.

The whole family is excited for our upcoming vacation to....
Matt, Lidia, Carly, and myself
are packing up the Monday after Thanksgiving and going for a whole week to visit his dad!
This is the first "real" family vacation we have been on, so it makes it even better.
But. But. But.
Pray for us.
2 adults and 2 children on a plane?
It will could get interesting!

and just because he makes me excited for every Tuesday night....
Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy.
And if you don't watch the show?
This picture is enough reason to start, wouldn't you say?

November 16, 2011

Our week in Blackberry pics

Our week included;
~waiting for dinner (or ice cream... whatevs) at the adult table 
~Carly playing dead?
~Carly showing off her freakishly cute smile
~"hiding" in Bailey's kennel
~back to eating at the kids table

We also:
~took a field trip to the fire station!
~watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Momma (my favorite Christmas movie)
~held hands in the car and melted my heart
~Lidia pretended she was a pirate on a ship
~played in the leaves
~rubbed each others buddah bellies :)

~Carly actually sat still for .05 seconds to watch a movie with her sissy
~played in the leaves some more and got mama's house supah dupah dirty
~pouted in the car when dance class got cancelled.
(I mean seriously, she was devastated when she had to leave dance without, ya know, dancing)
~played hide n seek
~fell asleep posing like a model
~kissed, hugged, and snuggled mommy
~kissed, hugged, and snuggled Lulu
~and rode in a big truck

Our week/weekend was very very low key.
We did the normal eat, sleep, work, play, repeat.
We added a little rearranging of the house,
cleaning of the house,
hanging with the twins,
trip to the fire station as mentioned,
hanging with Lidia's best friend Ava,
 updating the playroom and painting a chalkboard wall,
(yay! pics to come)
playing and enjoying outside before winter comes,
preparing the house for winter,
a new baby arriving in our group of friends,
visiting said (adorable) baby,
and a trip to the Orthopedic doctor for Carly.

Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Carly has a bit of swag in her walk as Matt would like to call it.
After her 15 month check-up, our pediatrician wanted her to get it checked out.
Last Monday,
We took her in, she got x-rays, and the doctor checked her "swag" out.
She was perfectly normal.
No physical therapy, no special boots, nada.
She will still walk/run the same for a few years, but it should work itself out.
Thank the Lord!

November 09, 2011

the cutest little girl you ever did see...

that would be me!
and my sistah circa 1988ish
the cutest thing though?
Lidia does the same "hand on the face while she kisses you" thing.
love it.
and we sorta kinda look alike :)

November 08, 2011

Lacie's Wedding Weekend!

The weekend started off with our Bridal Luncheon.
It was at this cute cafe called Mimi's Cafe and it was perfect.

Here's the bride to be and...
my plate.
She calls me specs, so it's fitting right? hehe
This is also where we opened our bridesmaids gifts.
We got matching real pearl necklaces, and blinged out peach flowers for our hair
Then we left the bridal luncheon and went to the nail salon for pedis/manis/acrylics/waxes galore.
Then it was time for rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.
I was so happy because Lidia actually walked down the aisle with the other two flower girls during rehearsal, so I was hopeful for the same the next day...
Well get to that in a second...
But the rehearsal/dinner went great.
Both girls were good.
Life was good.
We decorated the reception after the dinner, and went home to bed to rest up for the next day!

Before we knew it .... wedding day was here!
And... it was a blur...
So I guess I'll let the pictures do the talking.
We basically did the usual...
Got ready, waited, made the bride happy, waited, drank a few, waited, made the bride happy,
and then it was time...
But while we waited...
we of course got some pics.

Then it was go time.
There we were.
We were all waiting in the hallway ready to go down the aisle.
Lidia and the other two flower girls were holding hands and standing quietly.
Then it happened.
Lidia started throwing a fit.
By the time it was my turn to walk down the aisle?
She was already on the floor screaming.
So needless to say...
We were down a flower girl and Matt wasn't able to see the wedding :(
All I heard while Lacie was walking down the aisle...
was my daughter screaming...
Yep. That's my awesome life.
I don't have much but here are some wedding pics for your enjoyment!

All in all, the weekend was great!
I had so much fun, and I know the happy couple did too.
Although they might not have had as much fun as some of us...
not to name names or anything....
We were dancing fools.
That mixed with my speech and our bridesmaids version of Paula Abdul's "Straight up"
dedicated to Lacie and Michael?
We were #winning.

I'm so happy for my besties.
They are perfect together
I'm glad the wedding madness is over!

November 02, 2011

Imaginations and Climbing trees

Sometimes the imaginations that kids have really amaze me.
Here's a few examples of what our girls do to entertain themselves....

They play pretend "night night" time.
Lidia pretends to snore.
The twins pretend that Tori is a cat, and Bella is her mom/owner.
And Carly?
Jumps all over the bed, duh.

Bella carries her "baby" Tori all over the house.

What else would the kids do when there is a disassembled crib in the middle of Carly's bedroom floor?
Well they would "build" and "hammer" and make a fort out of it of course!

They also used it for a ladder and a slide in Lidia's room!

The rides their bikes up and down the streets and pretend they are cars.

They climb trees.
(with the help and assistance of a parent at all times... double duh)

... and make creepy faces.

... and also pose like models.

When done climbing trees, they pretend to drive the truck.
This results in lights left on, and buttons that you don't want pushed... pushed.
So  I dont recommend this very often.:)
They buckle and unbuckle each other in carseats and repeat that about 12 million times as well.
Then give you the stink eye when you say it's time to get down...

Carly hides in the basement by herself talking on the phone like so...

... and dresses up in hats and pjs for the fun of it.

Lidia loves to help at the grocery store.
"Lidia push it"
"Put that in there! No mine!"
(referring to putting the stuff in her cart, and not mine)

And when they aren't being creative and playing,
you can find them chillin or as Lidia calls it...
"I cuddle Mama"
when she wants to lay on the couch with me or watch her shows.
(Aren't those shirts adorable? They say "Papa Je T'aime."
It's perfect because they call Matt, Papa!
I got them from Old Navy and our grand total? 6 bucks! Bargain shopper baby)