November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our first Trick or Treating was on Thursday!
(Spoiled rotten children :)
We went to Homemaker's Furniture where they were passing out candy.
We started this tradition last year and decided to go again....
It's inside, it's warm, they give out semi-healthy treats, and free cookies!
The girls dressed as Barney and a pirate!
Someone wouldn't wear her Barney hat, so she made Mommy... :)

So here were the girls this year at Homemakers for Halloween...

... and this was them last year!
(a scarecrow and a pink poodle)

The real trick-or-treating for our town was on Sunday.
We decided to go to my mom's neighborhood, since we don't know many of our neighbors,
and they might not like us since the devil creature, Bailey our dog, gets out of our fence allthetime.
This is where we broke out our "real costumes" but as you can see...
The kiddos weren't big fans of them...

Here we are: The Pooh Family!
Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger!
Yes, that's me in the costume.
Matt ended up being lame-o.

 After the meltdown Lidia had putting on her costume,
she wasn't too happy to be out and about going up to the neighbors.
She was pretty shy most of the night but Carly on the other hand...
was hilarious!
She walked right up to each door, pranced around in her costume,
and ran up and down the neighborhood.

Oh and took it upon herself to dig right into a bowl of candy.
Fitting right?

My friend Lacie, her fiance (soon to be husband in 4 DAYS!) and Ramsey came over too.
Aren't they so cute?
Next week you'll see pics of us from their wedding!
Can you tell I'm excited??!
It's the wedding I've been talking forever about!
Overall, it was a great Halloween.
My parent's neighbors even recognized the costumes from when my sisters wore them,
so that made it even more special!
Next year though?
The girls can pick out whatever they want to wear!
I refuse to deal with the drama...
Considering Lidia took off her "Winnie the POOP" costume,
and immediately put on her "butfly (butterfly) wings as soon as we got in the house.


Annie said...

haha....well the Pooh costumes were a good idea!! Blake changed his mind a million times before the big day. I bought 2 seperate costumes...and on the day of halloween he changed his mind AGAIN...umm, will wear what we have now! ha....KIDS!!!

Megan said...

Ahhhhh, I love the family costume idea!! Y'all are adorable!!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Hahhha I love all the costumes! Booo for your hubs being lame....I think my husband would also bail on the pooh theme! He could have been eyore!

Glad you had fun...I cannot stop eating all our boys candy.....ugh!