November 02, 2011

Imaginations and Climbing trees

Sometimes the imaginations that kids have really amaze me.
Here's a few examples of what our girls do to entertain themselves....

They play pretend "night night" time.
Lidia pretends to snore.
The twins pretend that Tori is a cat, and Bella is her mom/owner.
And Carly?
Jumps all over the bed, duh.

Bella carries her "baby" Tori all over the house.

What else would the kids do when there is a disassembled crib in the middle of Carly's bedroom floor?
Well they would "build" and "hammer" and make a fort out of it of course!

They also used it for a ladder and a slide in Lidia's room!

The rides their bikes up and down the streets and pretend they are cars.

They climb trees.
(with the help and assistance of a parent at all times... double duh)

... and make creepy faces.

... and also pose like models.

When done climbing trees, they pretend to drive the truck.
This results in lights left on, and buttons that you don't want pushed... pushed.
So  I dont recommend this very often.:)
They buckle and unbuckle each other in carseats and repeat that about 12 million times as well.
Then give you the stink eye when you say it's time to get down...

Carly hides in the basement by herself talking on the phone like so...

... and dresses up in hats and pjs for the fun of it.

Lidia loves to help at the grocery store.
"Lidia push it"
"Put that in there! No mine!"
(referring to putting the stuff in her cart, and not mine)

And when they aren't being creative and playing,
you can find them chillin or as Lidia calls it...
"I cuddle Mama"
when she wants to lay on the couch with me or watch her shows.
(Aren't those shirts adorable? They say "Papa Je T'aime."
It's perfect because they call Matt, Papa!
I got them from Old Navy and our grand total? 6 bucks! Bargain shopper baby)


Megan said...

I love, love, love this! Your girls are so sweet and so imaginative!

Jamie said...

They are so sweet.

Taylor said...

I didn't realize those are all yours!!! you must be proud of your husband for putting up with that much estrogen!!! looks so fun!...I think i want to build my own fort now