December 29, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

My kids are old enough to be funny?
To say and do funny things?
When did this happen?
I remember looking at friends' facebook status's about funny things their kids said that day,
and thinking to myself about how hilarious my kids will be.
Because obviously...
and here we are today, my friends.
With hilarious kids, of course.
...and writing facebook status's (and now blog posts) about the funny things they do and say...
Because duh.

Exhibit A:
Lidia loves to hide.
She will hide downstairs in her playroom closet for literally an hour, quiet as a mouse,
until someone comes to "find her."
And then she will scream, "Here I am! You find me! You wanna hide with me? Shhh quiet!"
But her newest hiding spot... under the dining room table.
The other day, she was nowhere to be found.
This is when her newest hiding spot was found.
And why was Lidia so quiet?
Oh.. because she had fallen asleep.
Under the table.
This being the same child that despises sleep and has never fallen asleep like that....ever!

Exhibit B:
The girls were obsessed with all things Christmas this year.
It was so fun.
The girls (Carly included) knew tons of Christmas songs.
Jingle Bells, Up on the Housetop, etc.
Besides the Christmas songs, they are into other songs like;
Barney's I love you theme song, The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle, etc.
A few weeks ago, we were driving in the car and stopped at a stoplight and Lidia says,
"Red light, red light... whatdoyousay?"
I say STOP! Right away!"
and then I died because... I didnt even know she knew that song!

Exhibit C:
The girls fight.
The fighting is something they didn't teach or warn you about in those parenting classes you went to before having a baby.
Because that baby stuff seems so easy compared to this sibling rivalry crap we have going on right now.
Carly's a biter and Lidia is a hitter.
Carly thinks biting/hitting/pulling hair and throwing her sister on the ground is quite hilarious.
Lidia isn't amused.
In fact, she will make up that her sissy is hurting her.
"Mommy! Sissy bite me! Oww! Mommy Sissy pull my hair!!!!"
When in fact, Sissy is not even in the same room.
Oh for petes sake.

Exhibit D:
Carly's vocabulary has expanded in the last few months.
She went from a vocabulary of a few select words of Mama, Papa, Milk, Night Night and Sissy...
to saying sentences.
Her newest "sentence" that she learned over Christmas weekend?
"Stinks to be you!"
and it's the cutest thing ever. ever. ever!

I could go on and on about the funny/cute things that the girls do.
If only I could remember them!
And it's mainly Lidia's crazy self that says and does most of the funny stuff because a 2 year old.
And she's hilarious.
I'm sure Carly's hilarious time will come here in a few short months,
she is of course, her fathers' daughter.
But I'll leave you with a few of my all time favorite sayings of Lidia's thus far...

-"Mommy, you're my best friend!"

-"Mommy's awesome!"

-"Night night baby Jesus. Thank you for Sissy, Thank you for Mommy, Thank you for Papa,
Thank you for Ava (her bff), thank you for poptarts. Night Night! Love you baby Jesus!"

-"I'm a pirate princess! I need my dress on! I need my crown! You go to my castle?"
"Shake it bakey! (baby) Shake shake shake! Shake your booty!"

"Youre so crazy! Youre so silly! Youre pretty! Youre beauful! (beautiful) Youre GORGEOUS!"

Umm yeah.
So when did they get so big?

December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend 2011

So Christmas is already over... sad. :(
But I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas this year!
I know we did!
Our Christmas weekend started off with a little boyfriend action going on with the girls...
On Friday, Lidia went to a movie with her boyfriend, Ramsey.... supervised of course... but
These two are besties and by the end of the movie, they were break dancing at the front of the theatre.
Then Friday night, we watched Carly's boyfriend, Collin.
She's totally in love with him...

Then Saturday we went to Christmas Eve service at church,
and back to my moms house to stay the night.
I tried to get pictures of the girls in their matching Christmas Eve outfits but that didnt work out too well.
Then we opened one present,
played CandyLand, made cookies, set the cookies out for Santa, ate Santas cookies (ahem LIDIA!)
and Lidia got to fall asleep with Grandma and Grandpa.

Christmas Day, we woke up at 6AM, thanks to my psycho sisters and opened presents!
The first present that was "opened" was my step-dads big present for the year...
We "wrapped" the door to my parents laundry room and made him "open" it.
Inside was ....
a new recliner from all of us!
He was ecstatic!

Then the rest of the day was full of opening presents of course,
eating a big breakfast (tradition)
playing games,
laying around,
taking naps,
eating Subway sandwiches (another tradition)
playing with more games/new toys,
and just relaxing.
The girls had a GREAT Christmas!
Their presents included:
-a 3 tent with 2 tunnels connected and a ball pit activity center
-a tea set, dress up clothes, flashcards
- 2 baby dolls, bitty baby, bitty baby outfit
-Rapunel doll with matching outfit for Lidia
-a Zoo activity center with animals
-movies, clothes, socks, colors, stuffed animals, chapstick, jump-ropes, hair stuff, etc.
-Dual DVD headrests for the car
-talking picnic basket
-talking magnectic ABCs for the refridgerator
-magnadoodle or whatever those things are called!
... and more, Im sure.

But it was ridiculous the amount of stuff the girls got this year...
Our playroom literally looks like a daycare center.
Anyone wanna come play with all our new stuff??? Anyone?!

Anyway, after relaxing, napping, and playing most of the day,
we went over to Matt's parents for dinner.
And we loved on our babies a little more....

Dun Dun Dun.
Mama and Papa...
went to the casino!
I know, for shame! It was Christmas!
But its our new tradition with another couple to go each year on Christmas night.
and I won 160 bucks,
so I say it was worth it right?!

Again, I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday with their families and loved ones!

December 21, 2011

More Christmas Happenin's

My family is officially in Christmas mode!

The presents are wrapped.
(well most of them!)
We have to read Christmas books all day, everyday. And?
Sing Christmas songs
"ELF!" on the shelf visits our house everyday.
(a godsend, seriously)
1 family Christmas down.
Matt's work Christmas was a success.
and now we're just waiting for the big day!

Young Family Christmas!

Train rides at the mall.
3 different times to be exact.

Making cookies and making messes!

... and just waiting for the big day with snuggles, funny faces, and pouring cereal all over the house.

December 20, 2011

Santa Visit 2011

Last year:
Hatin' on the Jolly ol Man...

This year:
Be still my heart.
Oh the cuteness was overwhelming.
Probably due to the fact that I was envisioning last years picture in my head and comparing it to this years.
Night and day, I tell ya. Night and day.

Speaking of night and day...
This is what Lidia likes to wear to bed.
A summer halter top dress.
But of course.
Don't you?

...and Carly.
My dearest Sis.
She was put to bed in the number sitting next to her on the counter.
A footie pj outfit.
Well the outfit didn't have "feet" per say, but a button up, one piece pj outfit nontheless.
An hour later, I hear her talking, laughing, and playing by herself so I go into her room and find her like this.
Someone please tell me how she did this.
and the pjs?
Were inside-out.

December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Yesterday, the girls and I were playing and all the sudden Lidia goes, "Mommy I love baby Jesus!"
 It was by far, one of the cutest things I've witnessed from my 2 year old. So then of course, we had to sing "Happy Birthday to baby Jesus" about 100 times throughout the day as well. And you know what? I didn't mind one bit.

But it got me thinking about how Lidia is actually learning, through myself and my family, what Christmas is actually all about. And that made me happy. We get so caught up in Christmas traditions, cookies, Christmas cards, presents, decorations, etc that sometimes a little reminder from a 2-year-old saying she loves baby Jesus, puts you back into the real spirit of the Holiday.

Anyway, besides singing to Baby Jesus on an hourly basis, what else have we been doing to prepare for Christmas? Well every year, we have a family tradition to go to my parents house and decorate their tree. So that was first on our list. And the girls, of course, got to help put up the ugly angel (sorry mom!) on top of the tree.

Then a few days later we decorated our own tree at home, and put up Christmas decorations around the house. We also made a handprint Christmas tree and have that on display on our mantel.

The girls and I also went to the Library to pick out some Christmas books!

Lidia and I went to Jolly Holiday Lights which is where you drive around and look at Christmas lights that companies donate, and the money goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation! Its a great cause and we even got to see Santa! Carly stayed at home with Papa since she's not a big fan of the car, but Lidia and I enjoyed our time with her aunt and cousins and of course, Santa!

Besides starting to get in the mood for the Christmas holiday, we've just been recovering from our vacation, and hanging out at home. If you can't tell in the following pictures, Lidia has turned into a princess. She calls herself either "Cinderella" or "Punzel" (Rapunzel) depending on the day and is ALWAYS, and I mean always, in a dress and usually has a crown on as well. See for yourself....

She's a handful :)

December 06, 2011

Denver. Thanksgiving. and I hate flying.

Ohhh Haaaiii!
Long time, no see, eh?
 Sorry I've been MIA, but we've been on vacation for the last week!
So we have alot to get caught up on, am I right?
Ok...Let's start with Thanksgiving week...

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend that included;
hanging out with the twins!

... and playing outside at Grandma Lulu's house on Thanksgiving Day!
How crazy is it that we were OUTSIDE on Thanksgiving?!

Also, the girls wore matching Turkey shirts with their names on them.
(These are the best pictures I could get, of course)

All in all, Thanksgiving was fun!
Hectic, busy, and not very relaxing... but fun.
The night of Thanksgiving?
Not so fun.
Matt helped out his parents and worked on Black Friday from 12am-6am.
Which meant?
I was home with all four girls alone.
and wouldnt you know...
they all decided to wake up in the middle of the night. them.
I now know the reason why God made my kids so cute :)

Also, I can't forget about the night before Thanksgiving day.
Lidia and I had our infamous date to Disney on Ice.
It was so fun.
Lidia loved it.
I loved it.
It was a special night for us :)
and duh...
she obviously had to get popcorn and a TWELVE DOLLAR icee.
Because that's normal...

Then last Monday, we packed up for our vacation to Denver, Colorado to see Matt's dad!
Our flight left at 7:30am on Tuesday morning out of Omaha, which is about 2 hours away.
So we decided to stay the night on Monday night in a hotel, so we didn't have to drive in the morning.
That meant the girls got to go swimming at the hotel.
And they got to snuggle in a hotel bed.
Double win.

The next morning was our flight!
Can I just tell you I'm scared to death (literally) of flying?
Everytime I get on a plane, I am convinced I will die.
Don't laugh :)
But I will say that having kids flying with you, helps take your mind off of it.
So anyway, flying to Denver, the four of us got seperated and couldn't sit together.
I blame Southwest Airlines non-assigned seating, oh and the fact that we were really late getting to the airport.
Hey it was early!
So I sat with Lidia, and Matt sat with Carly.
and the flight went well!
Lidia had a small meltdown, then played the rest of the time and fell asleep.
Matt didn't get so lucky with Carly, she's restless :)

Then our time in Denver was great.
We spent time with Grandpa, played at the park,
went to the foothills in Boulder, went swimming,
visited family, and slept on bunk beds.
The bunkbed situation was a win for the girls. Not a win for the mommy.
(gorgeous view, eh?)
It was a great vacation, great to spend time the four of us, and great to get away.
But I will say, I missed my bed so so so much.
And I'm glad to be back on a "normal" schedule,
and to be getting sleep again!
Oh yes, I failed to mention that the plane ride home....sucked.
Full of a mommy freak-out, (flying related duh) kids crying,
the husband probably laughing at me, the mommy getting a bloody nose at the airport,
and the roads being so icy on the drive home, that the usual 2 hour drive... took almost 4.
I'm glad to be home.
I'm glad I didn't die on the plane too.