December 06, 2011

Denver. Thanksgiving. and I hate flying.

Ohhh Haaaiii!
Long time, no see, eh?
 Sorry I've been MIA, but we've been on vacation for the last week!
So we have alot to get caught up on, am I right?
Ok...Let's start with Thanksgiving week...

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend that included;
hanging out with the twins!

... and playing outside at Grandma Lulu's house on Thanksgiving Day!
How crazy is it that we were OUTSIDE on Thanksgiving?!

Also, the girls wore matching Turkey shirts with their names on them.
(These are the best pictures I could get, of course)

All in all, Thanksgiving was fun!
Hectic, busy, and not very relaxing... but fun.
The night of Thanksgiving?
Not so fun.
Matt helped out his parents and worked on Black Friday from 12am-6am.
Which meant?
I was home with all four girls alone.
and wouldnt you know...
they all decided to wake up in the middle of the night. them.
I now know the reason why God made my kids so cute :)

Also, I can't forget about the night before Thanksgiving day.
Lidia and I had our infamous date to Disney on Ice.
It was so fun.
Lidia loved it.
I loved it.
It was a special night for us :)
and duh...
she obviously had to get popcorn and a TWELVE DOLLAR icee.
Because that's normal...

Then last Monday, we packed up for our vacation to Denver, Colorado to see Matt's dad!
Our flight left at 7:30am on Tuesday morning out of Omaha, which is about 2 hours away.
So we decided to stay the night on Monday night in a hotel, so we didn't have to drive in the morning.
That meant the girls got to go swimming at the hotel.
And they got to snuggle in a hotel bed.
Double win.

The next morning was our flight!
Can I just tell you I'm scared to death (literally) of flying?
Everytime I get on a plane, I am convinced I will die.
Don't laugh :)
But I will say that having kids flying with you, helps take your mind off of it.
So anyway, flying to Denver, the four of us got seperated and couldn't sit together.
I blame Southwest Airlines non-assigned seating, oh and the fact that we were really late getting to the airport.
Hey it was early!
So I sat with Lidia, and Matt sat with Carly.
and the flight went well!
Lidia had a small meltdown, then played the rest of the time and fell asleep.
Matt didn't get so lucky with Carly, she's restless :)

Then our time in Denver was great.
We spent time with Grandpa, played at the park,
went to the foothills in Boulder, went swimming,
visited family, and slept on bunk beds.
The bunkbed situation was a win for the girls. Not a win for the mommy.
(gorgeous view, eh?)
It was a great vacation, great to spend time the four of us, and great to get away.
But I will say, I missed my bed so so so much.
And I'm glad to be back on a "normal" schedule,
and to be getting sleep again!
Oh yes, I failed to mention that the plane ride home....sucked.
Full of a mommy freak-out, (flying related duh) kids crying,
the husband probably laughing at me, the mommy getting a bloody nose at the airport,
and the roads being so icy on the drive home, that the usual 2 hour drive... took almost 4.
I'm glad to be home.
I'm glad I didn't die on the plane too.

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Joeylee said...

glad to hear you had a good trip!