December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Yesterday, the girls and I were playing and all the sudden Lidia goes, "Mommy I love baby Jesus!"
 It was by far, one of the cutest things I've witnessed from my 2 year old. So then of course, we had to sing "Happy Birthday to baby Jesus" about 100 times throughout the day as well. And you know what? I didn't mind one bit.

But it got me thinking about how Lidia is actually learning, through myself and my family, what Christmas is actually all about. And that made me happy. We get so caught up in Christmas traditions, cookies, Christmas cards, presents, decorations, etc that sometimes a little reminder from a 2-year-old saying she loves baby Jesus, puts you back into the real spirit of the Holiday.

Anyway, besides singing to Baby Jesus on an hourly basis, what else have we been doing to prepare for Christmas? Well every year, we have a family tradition to go to my parents house and decorate their tree. So that was first on our list. And the girls, of course, got to help put up the ugly angel (sorry mom!) on top of the tree.

Then a few days later we decorated our own tree at home, and put up Christmas decorations around the house. We also made a handprint Christmas tree and have that on display on our mantel.

The girls and I also went to the Library to pick out some Christmas books!

Lidia and I went to Jolly Holiday Lights which is where you drive around and look at Christmas lights that companies donate, and the money goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation! Its a great cause and we even got to see Santa! Carly stayed at home with Papa since she's not a big fan of the car, but Lidia and I enjoyed our time with her aunt and cousins and of course, Santa!

Besides starting to get in the mood for the Christmas holiday, we've just been recovering from our vacation, and hanging out at home. If you can't tell in the following pictures, Lidia has turned into a princess. She calls herself either "Cinderella" or "Punzel" (Rapunzel) depending on the day and is ALWAYS, and I mean always, in a dress and usually has a crown on as well. See for yourself....

She's a handful :)


Mrs. Mama said...

love all the pics!

so sweet... "i love baby jesus!"

Megan said...

Great pics, the girls are so sweet! Love the new layout lady!!!