December 29, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

My kids are old enough to be funny?
To say and do funny things?
When did this happen?
I remember looking at friends' facebook status's about funny things their kids said that day,
and thinking to myself about how hilarious my kids will be.
Because obviously...
and here we are today, my friends.
With hilarious kids, of course.
...and writing facebook status's (and now blog posts) about the funny things they do and say...
Because duh.

Exhibit A:
Lidia loves to hide.
She will hide downstairs in her playroom closet for literally an hour, quiet as a mouse,
until someone comes to "find her."
And then she will scream, "Here I am! You find me! You wanna hide with me? Shhh quiet!"
But her newest hiding spot... under the dining room table.
The other day, she was nowhere to be found.
This is when her newest hiding spot was found.
And why was Lidia so quiet?
Oh.. because she had fallen asleep.
Under the table.
This being the same child that despises sleep and has never fallen asleep like that....ever!

Exhibit B:
The girls were obsessed with all things Christmas this year.
It was so fun.
The girls (Carly included) knew tons of Christmas songs.
Jingle Bells, Up on the Housetop, etc.
Besides the Christmas songs, they are into other songs like;
Barney's I love you theme song, The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle, etc.
A few weeks ago, we were driving in the car and stopped at a stoplight and Lidia says,
"Red light, red light... whatdoyousay?"
I say STOP! Right away!"
and then I died because... I didnt even know she knew that song!

Exhibit C:
The girls fight.
The fighting is something they didn't teach or warn you about in those parenting classes you went to before having a baby.
Because that baby stuff seems so easy compared to this sibling rivalry crap we have going on right now.
Carly's a biter and Lidia is a hitter.
Carly thinks biting/hitting/pulling hair and throwing her sister on the ground is quite hilarious.
Lidia isn't amused.
In fact, she will make up that her sissy is hurting her.
"Mommy! Sissy bite me! Oww! Mommy Sissy pull my hair!!!!"
When in fact, Sissy is not even in the same room.
Oh for petes sake.

Exhibit D:
Carly's vocabulary has expanded in the last few months.
She went from a vocabulary of a few select words of Mama, Papa, Milk, Night Night and Sissy...
to saying sentences.
Her newest "sentence" that she learned over Christmas weekend?
"Stinks to be you!"
and it's the cutest thing ever. ever. ever!

I could go on and on about the funny/cute things that the girls do.
If only I could remember them!
And it's mainly Lidia's crazy self that says and does most of the funny stuff because a 2 year old.
And she's hilarious.
I'm sure Carly's hilarious time will come here in a few short months,
she is of course, her fathers' daughter.
But I'll leave you with a few of my all time favorite sayings of Lidia's thus far...

-"Mommy, you're my best friend!"

-"Mommy's awesome!"

-"Night night baby Jesus. Thank you for Sissy, Thank you for Mommy, Thank you for Papa,
Thank you for Ava (her bff), thank you for poptarts. Night Night! Love you baby Jesus!"

-"I'm a pirate princess! I need my dress on! I need my crown! You go to my castle?"
"Shake it bakey! (baby) Shake shake shake! Shake your booty!"

"Youre so crazy! Youre so silly! Youre pretty! Youre beauful! (beautiful) Youre GORGEOUS!"

Umm yeah.
So when did they get so big?

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Joeylee said...

kids do say some funny things. This weekend Kaylee was playing with her toys and she was pretend playing and then all of sudden she said "oh sick burn" LOL