December 20, 2011

Santa Visit 2011

Last year:
Hatin' on the Jolly ol Man...

This year:
Be still my heart.
Oh the cuteness was overwhelming.
Probably due to the fact that I was envisioning last years picture in my head and comparing it to this years.
Night and day, I tell ya. Night and day.

Speaking of night and day...
This is what Lidia likes to wear to bed.
A summer halter top dress.
But of course.
Don't you?

...and Carly.
My dearest Sis.
She was put to bed in the number sitting next to her on the counter.
A footie pj outfit.
Well the outfit didn't have "feet" per say, but a button up, one piece pj outfit nontheless.
An hour later, I hear her talking, laughing, and playing by herself so I go into her room and find her like this.
Someone please tell me how she did this.
and the pjs?
Were inside-out.

1 comment :

Mama Tully said...

VERY impressive photo with santa...both kids looking at the camera and one of them even smiling. I can only dream :)