December 20, 2012

A trip down Santa Claus lane...

...And you can tell I've gotten lazier more lenient about the girls getting super dressed up to see Santa throughout the years... Ha!

December 18, 2012

Christmas Happenin's and L&C Happenin's

Christmas Happenin's: (so far)
*Jolly Holiday Lights (Holiday lights displays... proceeds go to Make a Wish Foundation!)
*Gingerbread houses
*Visiting Santa!
*Baking Christmas cookies
*Elf on a Shelf every night (Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) is HIS name hehe)
*Train rides
*Decorating Christmas trees

L&C Happenin's:
*While decorating the tree and looking at ornaments at my mom's house, we realized (once again) how much Lidia and I look alike when I was younger....

And I died.
*We found out on Monday that Carly has eczema.
We've pretty much known all along, but her regular doctor just said her skin gets dry in the winter.
Does THIS look like "only dry skin"???
Poor baby.
So I took her to the dermatoligist and sure enough... Eczema.
And while at the doctor, this is how I kept the crazies babes occupied....
*We got a membership at the YMCA!
We thought the Y would be a great place for family fun and exercise.
They have open gyms, exercise equipment of course, and the best of all?
It's pretty much like an aquatic center and the girls are obsessed.
It's the perfect thing for our family to do in the winter!

Other then the above mentioned, we've just been chillin'...
Waiting for Christmas to arrive...
Oh, and getting hardwood floors installed...

December 07, 2012

The weekly happenin's of L&C

I'm going to try and start doing a weekly update on the girls called L&C's weekly happenings. We will see how this goes, as I'm not a"stick with a plan" kind of girl. But hey! It's the thought that counts right?!

This past week (or two) Carly has been up to no good. Oh, I kid. She's been great! She has this new "mean mug" face that she does quite often, so that's fun. But she's also the sweetest. She loves to "tell me a secret" and her secret is always, "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" It's probably the cutest thing ever. You can also see that she has a "ghetto" side to her, as she likes to walk around with one pant leg up and show off that mean mug again. On Friday, Lidia's class had a field trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. Since they don't go to school on Fridays, we decided to just meet their class there since I knew Lidia would be bummed to miss it. Anyway, Carly was lucky enough to "go on the field trip" with the three year olds and she definitley held her own. Girlfriend knows how to get what she wants and what she wanted? Was to ride this stupid horse about 18 million times. Whatever kid. I love that smile on your face so I'm happy to oblige! This week she also got fed dinner by her sister. I'm not sure why, but it happened. And? She loved it. So all that randomness? That's pretty much what Sissypants has been up to this past week.
Lidia has had an AWESOME week. I already talked about her dance recital and her trampoline experience that happened this week. Besides that, she's been able to practice her cheerleading moves a little more with Aunt Chloe and go to another one of her games. She's put on numerous dance and singing talent shows, and everytime we are in the car she must listen to one of her favorite songs or else. She had a great time at her field trip and told me all her friends names and played air hockey, rode rides, and even ate a slice of pizza! This past week she's really shown me what a big GIRL she is, not a toddler. She also has shown me how OCD she is, as in, her pillows and blankets have to be just right on her bed before she goes to sleep. Oyyyy :)
Together, the girls have done alot this week! You know how in December, people will drive around in there cars with kiddos to look at Christmas lights? Well not this December! It's still nice out here and we have been doing a nightly walk around our neighborhood instead to check out those lights! Also, the girls and I had a Starbucks date which resulted in buying nothing but coffee and brownies. But those are the most important things right?! We also helped Lulu decorate her Christmas tree, and the girls got to spend the night at Lulu's last Friday while mommy and papa went to a work holiday party! Speaking of the holiday... I should probably start Christmas shopping huh? Hey! If I buy presents ahead of time, I can't wait and will end up giving out the presents earlier. So it's better this way :)
And lastly, for your viewing pleaseure... the girls singing one of their favrite songs. And yes, they know pretty much all the words :)

December 06, 2012

Who is this girl? Seriously...

Where has my three year old gone?
You may have seen her... Her name is Lidia?
She's temperamental, hard-headed, scared of everything, shy in front of people, hates audiences, terrible eater, and everything "scares her"...
Yeah. That Lidia.
No longer exists...
As of... hmmmmm... 2 weeks ago? Crazy, right?
This "new Lidia" we have on our hands actually! eats! food!!!!
Obviously she's no extremist overnight, but last week, my child ate a SLICE OF PIZZA. People, this is huge! Usually she only eats the crust. She also ate a hot dog! Hot dogs are usually gross. AND? She ate a grilled cheese! I didn't see this one, but the daycare knows her eating woes and said it was true! Again, have you seen my child?

Also, this "new Lidia" had another dance recital/program this weekend.
This time they performed at one of our malls. It was hot. It was crowded. BUT. It was intimate and I was able to sit front row and get some close up pictures! AND?!
"New Lidia" came out once again and stole the show!
She was sitting beside her friends in her class a few minutes before the show and I saw her say, "I'm gonna dance sooo good today! My mommy is going to be soooo proud of me! I'll be the best dancer! Are you gonna dance good?! Is your momma gonna be proud??"
Be still my heart. I love her so much.
And she DID do so good. And her momma IS so proud of her! And she WAS the best dancer!
After she danced, we headed to the other side of the mall to ride the train to spoil "the best dancer."Her and sissy rode the train once, but Lidia saw something MUCH more interesting that she wanted to do. Welllll, her mother wasn't so sure about this "new adventure" that Lidia wanted to try, but girlfriend insisted on doing it. I figured she would scream and freak out but it was only $8.00 so I figured I let her figure it out for herself! Plus, the workers of this "adventure" told me she was age/weight/height appropriate to do it, SOOO...

Lidia went on this trampoline jump thingyy!
Seriously where did the "old Lidia" go?
Not that I'm complaining...
This Lidia is pretty awesome!

December 05, 2012

We got spirit... Yeah! Yeah! We got spirit!

For those of you that don't know, my little sister is 14 years old and a freshman in high school.
I'm sure you've seen posts of us going to her soccer games before, as she is really good at soccer and has been playing since she was young.
She followed in my footsteps, as I played soccer all while I was growing up too! Until high school hit and I was too cool for that stuff...
Actually, she took after Matt. He's the real soccer star of the family. No seriously :)
Anyway, I'd like to think she followed in her older sister's footsteps once again (because I'm that cool, right?) and this year is her first year of cheerleading! (I cheered in high school and college)

I'll be honest, at first I was a little skeptical.
Sure, she's gorgeous, has the body for it, and she's a perfectionsist so her moves will always be on point... BUT!
She's the most unpeppy person I've ever met in my life! She talks in monotone, and hardly ever smiles or laughs.
Oh wait. She says she only never laughs around her family because "we aren't funny"
Hmm. Right. I forgot. We are dealing with a fourteen year old still :)
Anyway, she surprised the crap out of me and is an awesome cheerleader!
She could still smile a bit more (hehe) and maybe actually not get embarrassed when we are there... but seriously... I'm once again so very very proud of my little sis!

And obviously, if you need us all winter, we will be at all of her games because the girls? They just can't get enough!
Lidia giving her "Aunt Coey" a good luck kiss before the game!
(Chloe is in the front row, closest to the camera)
Lidia obviously had to get some popcorn to watch.
(Chloe moved to the back, again closest to the camera)
Seriously, everytime they cheered, Lidia got up and did it with them! She loved it!
She was being her typical boy self and spilling water, eating everything in sight, and randomly cheering too! 
Can't wait for the rest of her games!