January 31, 2012

This weekend we....

Played with play-doh.

We made cookies and banana/chocolate chip bread.
(recipe to come!)
We snuggled... alot.

We went "swimming" in the living room.

We went to Incredible Pizza for a birthday party; rode alot of rides, played some games, and played miniature bowling!

We had a "girly night" and ate popcorn, watched Beauty and the Beast and painted our nails!

We made silly faces, per usual.

The baby actually snuggled with the mama...

We babysat Lidia's "baby"!

Mama visited one month old Josie!
(The onesies stickers were a gift from yours truly... love them!)

... and the babes got along?
They played together?
They CUDDLED together?

Ohhh... Okay that's more like it :)

It was a great weekend!
How was yours?

January 27, 2012


Sisters. Best friends. Worst Enemies. Forever playmates.
How can two little girls be so different though? Seriously, my two baby girls are complete opposites.

Carly loves to play rough.
She loves to be thrown in the air, her weapon of choice is biting and hitting, she is always moving, and always finding something new to do/play with. She is constantly falling off something and laughing. Yes. LAUGHING. Sis doesn't stop for anything.  I'm tired just thinking about it :)

Lidia on the other hand, honestly thinks she is a princess, as every girl should. No seriously. She wakes up in the morning and tells me, "Youre beautiful mommy! I need to look pretty too! Where's my crown?"

For example; Yesterday while playing at my mom's house, Lidia had to immediately go downstairs to play dress up while Carly played with a zoo toy and pretend food instead. Lidia then asked Aunt Chloe to do her hair so she could look "gorgeous" and then strutted her stuff in her matching dress and Cinderella doll.

Another opposite? Eating habits.
If Lidia could live off of two meals they would be; poptarts and popcorn. She is an awful eater. Somedays she will eat semi great, and others not so great. It's a constant battle and I hope she grows out of it soon!

Carly on the other hand? AMAZING eater. Of course she has her days when she doesn't eat as much, but 90 percent of the time she rocks. For instance, the other night Papa made an alfredo, chicken, brocooli pasta and Carly had three bowls full. THREE! What did Lidia eat? Popcorn and Brocolli. Ate least she had veggies???

So....can you guess who my cuddler is???

Actually looks are deceiving. Like I said earlier, Carly never sits still so in turn, she hates to cuddle. This was a rare occassion (her fighting sleep) that I got her to lay down on the couch with me. Most of the time, she is climbing all over me or anything in her way!

So that means Lidia is my cuddler. She loves watching movies and snuggling on the couch. Also, she will sleep anywhere. Her bed, my bed, downstairs bed or couch, upstairs couch, etc. This morning she was in my bed and I went in to get dressed for work. I turned on the light to see my clothes, (she needed to wake up so we could leave anyway) and she slept through me turning on the light. She may not go to bed the earliest, but once she's asleep, girlfriend is out. The other day she slept until 11AM!!!!!

So are your kids like mine?
Complete opposites? Or are they more alike?

January 26, 2012


I've seen the "Interview your Toddler" thing going around alot lately, so I thought I'd do it with Lidia. I'm going to do this maybe every 6 months, or once a year to see how her answers change. I'll also start doing it with Carly when she's old enough too! Anyway, I've always thought Lidia was hilarious, but writing it out is pure comedy. She definitley didn't disappoint!
.... and yes, she's like that 24/7.

Next up... Interview with ME!
I got tagged by Joeylee in this fun random/question thing going around, so I thought I'd join in too :)
1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them
6. Tag 11 people

11 Random Things About Me
1. My big toe goes UNDER the little toe next to it. Lidia's feet are the same way.
2. My feet grew when I was pregnant to a 7 1/2 or 8.
3. I have to sleep with a fan on, no tv on, and the room pitch black. My husband is the opposite :)
4. Green Bay Packers Fan.
5. Matt and I were born 3 weeks apart. (My bday is in Feb!)
6. I want to re-do my entire kitchen; white cabinets, new countertops, and hardwood flooring upstairs too.
7. I can share clothes with my 13 year old sister AND my mom. Completely different sizes....Very strange.
8. Lidia lost my wedding ring a few months ago (in our living room) and we STILL haven't found it.  
9. Im sooo not a morning person.
10. If it was socially acceptable, I would sleep with both my girls every night, until they were 35.
11. I love to wear layers. I always wear a tank top under my clothes. Everyday.

The Questions
1. Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? Target
2. What kind of car do you drive? Ford Expedition
3. What chore do you hate the most? Dishes
4. What is your dream job? Stay at home with my babes but run a business on the side to have some variety.
5. How do you punish your kids when their bad? Time-outs in their rooms.
6. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Check on the girls
7. How many kids do you want? Done. But maaaaybe one more :)
8. What is your favorite activity to do (whether with your family/friends)? Having people over to watch football, play, and eat!
9. If your significant other had an accent - what would it be? Italian. Cabs aaaare herrrre!
10. What is your most searched thing on Pinterest? DIY
11. What shows do you HATE watching TV? the political debates

My Questions:
I'm too lazy tired to think of my own questions, so whoever wants to answer/be tagged can answer the questions I did!

January 25, 2012

"Moms of More" Guest Post ~ Joeylee

So I'm kicking off my guest post series of moms with multiple children sharing their experiences/giving advice/sharing funny stories of their life with 2 or more kids. This series is called "Moms of More..."  and I'm starting it off with Joeylee! She is one of my all time favorite blogs to read. Her kids are around the same age as Lidia and Carly, and they remind me so much of each other. I tell her all the time that if we lived closer, we would be the best of friends and so would our babes! Plus, she does the cutest crafts and DIY projects ever! Check her out, I know you will love her and her gorgeous family too :)

Hi I'm Joey, you can find me over at Sweet N Sassy Girls
I'm almost 28 (at the end of this month), I'm a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful little girls Kaylee & Keira.  I've been with my significant other for almost 10 years.  This is my first guest post and I hope you enjoy it!

Being a mom to 2 kids under 2 is awesome.
I love having 2 girls and wouldn't change it for anything.
But I also didn't expect how hard it would be at times either.
When I found out I was pregnant with Keira at 20 weeks along (you can read about that HERE), my biggest fear was how am I going to juggle 2 kids?  Will Kaylee be jealous and start acting out?  How will my relationship with Jason change?  On top of worrying about that I worried how Kaylee would be without me for 3 days. Kaylee was with us all the time and had never had an over night stay anywhere.  I think the longest she was away from us was 4 hours & that was hard for me.  Maybe I was more worried about how I'd be without her.  So what we did was we planned for Kaylee to have an over night stay with Grandma (Jason's mom) to see make sure things would go smoothly.  It will give you piece of mind knowing your first born is ok and not screaming their head off without you.  Kaylee did her first over night stay about a month before I was due, things couldn't have gone better.  We did one more over night stay about 2 weeks before I was due, again doing awesome.  Nowing that she was ok made my hospital stay a little easier.  In the 3 days I was in the hospital Kaylee wasn't allowed to come into the maternity ward cause it was to close to flu season and they didn't want little kids in there, which made it hard for me.  But I was thankful that Jason's mom would text me pictures and updates.
Once your released from the hospital the worry of how am I going to take care of a newborn and a toddler at the same time kicks in.  But for me that went right out the window, I don't know if it was because Keira was such a good baby and didn't cry or what but it seemed so easy to me.  Kaylee adjusted really well to having Keira around.  The other fear I had about Kaylee getting jealous and acting out never happened.  Kaylee was 18 months old when we brought Keira home, that first month Kaylee didn't really pay much attention to her.  I made sure to spend as much alone time with Kaylee as possible while the baby slept.  I think its important to do that, making sure that your first born doesn't feel left out or less important.
After we got into a routine, what I found to be the most difficult or challenging was trying to go out with both girls alone.  Doing little errands were now a chore and such a hassle.  Loading 2 kids up just to run to the store to get milk, was a no go!  Grocery shopping turned into a 2 parent job.  Jason now goes to the grocery store with me, we make it a family affair.  It has become a little easier now that their older but it's still a hassle and my #1 thing I hate to do is go grocery shopping. So I usually do my shopping on Monday's when both girls go to Jason's moms.
My biggest advice for any new mom or a mom that now has added a baby to the mix is to ask for help!!!  I can be found guilty of not asking for help when I needed it.  But I can say that I have a very supportive partner and he is a huge help with the girls.  When he gets home from a long day of work he'll play with the girls so that I can have a little break.  I thought I could do it all and didn't need help, but I realized that I can't do it all.  That I am not a bad mom if I ask for help.  I think it's important to have "you" time as well.
Another big thing that I thought was important was that even though you have kids to try and make time for just you and your significant other.  For the first 6 months after Keira was born it was hard for Jason & I to have that alone time we needed.  It wasn't until Jason's mom started taking both girls on Monday's that we were able to either run errands or have date night.  I found that date night was awesome for us and it helped our relationship and brought that spark back.  Which is always nice cause we've been together for almost 10 years this month.
Now that my girls are 2.5 and 1, I have found that it has become a battle of teaching them to be nice and share.  Kaylee has had lots of time outs for being mean and testing her limits to the max.  But all that it out weighed by the bond that is forming between the two of them and it's priceless.  Hearing the laughter that comes from them when they play just melts my heart.  I'm excited to see how their bond grows and my hope for them is to be best friends.  I hope that I have the same relationship with them as I have with my mom.  She is my best friend, the one I talk to about almost anything.  I hope my girls will always know how much I adore being their mom and what joy and excitment they've brought to my life!  I thank god every day for them. 

January 24, 2012

A weekend full of Celebrations!

Our weekend of celebrations started out on Thursday night.
We celebrated Papa's 26th birthday with dinner and ended the night bowling!
It was the girls' first time bowling, and they both loved it!
The girls would get so excited when the pins got knocked down, and then they would run back to watch for their ball to come up the shoot. We are definitely going to be taking them again soon!

(and don't mind Lidia's "outfit". It's the only thing I could get her to wear. She is either naked or in a princess dress at all times. Makes it interesting to go places!)

Then on Friday we celebrated having our first "real snow" of the winter!
We stayed inside most of the day playing and cleaning, but after naps I decided to bundle them up and let them play outside!
It was freezing so we only lasted about 20 minutes, and that was perfectly fine with me :)

On Saturday I took both girls to Lidia's dance/tumbling class.
Lidia was so excited to go, but once we got there she wasn't having it.
Carly on the other hand, LOVED IT!
She listened, climbed, played, did somersaults, etc.
Am I taking the wrong child to dance/tumbling class here?!?
The rest of the day was spent playing hide n seek, eating, etc...

But that night, the kiddos got spoiled.
We decided to go out that night to celebrate Papa's birthday with our friends.
So my little sister and her friend came over to watch the girls and my friends kids as well.
The kids kept themselves entertained most of the night, and we didn't even leave the house until after 9pm, so my sister and her friend didn't have to do much. (Which makes me feel better about leaving them!)
But the best part of the night was coming home to this...
3 little monkeys passed out in my bed.

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for besties baby shower!
Her aunt and I were hosting the shower and thankfully it wasn't at my house so I didn't have to clean up afterwards! I was only  in charge of games and decorations. And what do you know? I didn't get ONE SINGLE PICTURE at the baby shower. I think I was just too busy with everything, plus Lidia went with me and she was in "a mood" that day so it was kind of chaotic. Oh yeah, and she ran around with her shirt off most of the party too. Hmmm. Lovely. Anyway here's a few pictures off Pinterest of decorations I used for the baby shower for anyone interested or if you're planning a party here soon!

I didn't use bibs, but I used string and clothespins to hang up onesies, etc for decoration.
We all filled out one of these adorable printables that I printed out, and hung them on the clothesline as well.

I had some of my girls' old hats/binkies/burpcloths etc laying out on tables for decorations and most everything else I got from the dollar store!! Then the games I picked were from here and I chose to play Name That (Baby) Tune  and Who's the Celebrity Baby? They both were alot of fun!

Yesterday we celebrated finding the girls' new daycare! We went to the daycare to register and to check out their "new friends!" The girls will be going there 2 days a week while I work. My mother-in-law used to work there, so all of the teachers know and love the girls which makes me feel so much more comfortable! After the excitement of the daycare, the rest of the day was spent like this....

I tell Lidia to "smile and say cheese" and this is what I get....

I tell Carly to "smile and say cheese" and THIS is what I get....

Also, starting tomorrow, I'm kicking off a guest posting series from other mommas like me with more than one kiddo! There are so many woman that are pregnant right now with either their first or second baby, and I think these mommas will give good insight to what life is like with more than one child.
Good, bad, crazy, amazing, and everything in between! I'm excited!