January 10, 2012

The Last Five Days...

After work, the girls played while I added to the playroom downstairs.
Of course, I got the "flashcard idea" from Pinterest! The box on the ground is full of dress up clothes, so this is the girls' area to be "pretty" and dress up as princesses!
Then later tha night, an hour after Carly fell asleep, I went to check on her and walked into this...Gotta love her!

We played around the house all day. I watched a friend's son who is older than Lidia, but is Carly's bff/boyfriend. I let the kiddos play with rice in the kitchen and people may call me crazy to let them do this, but I just call it fun! And it was easy peasy to clean up so I say it's worth it for a half hour of "non-fussy/mommy gets stuff done around the house" time, yes? Oh yeah, and the girls wore matching outfits... for noone since we stayed home but they sure looked adorable!
Then Friday night, we went to my besties house. The kiddos played/watched movies/ate candy (thanks Lace!) while we ate pizza/played games/watched t.v. It was so nice to just relax at someone elses' house, not worry about cleaning up, and have the kiddos entertain themselves. It was a great Friday night!

Once again, we basically stayed home all day. Lidia had her first dance class since before the "holiday break" and she did the best she's ever done at dance!She listened and followed directions. I was so proud of her! So I rewarded her with a donut after dance class at the store and while we were there, I decided to get a pot roast for dinner. I instantly invited my parents over for the dinner that we "owed them" from a few months ago. My parents are Iowa State fans and we are Iowa Hawkeye fans. We made a bet when they played each other earlier in the football season, and we lost. :( The loser had to make steak dinner but I switched it up and did pot roast! (and cake balls!) So while we waited for our pot roast to cook all day and for "Lulu and Grandpa" to come over, the kiddos decided to dress up in swimsuits!
Then that night, we ate of course, and had a fashion show!
Let me introduce to you, the fireman and the horsey...
Then the family left, and we all went to bed!
We went to church in the morning. We have to put the kids into daycare in the next few weeks for 2 1/2 days a week, so I wanted to get them used to being around other kids and teachers they don't know well. I thought the best way was for them to go to classes at church. I worried about them the whole time I was in church service, but of course they had a blast! Lidia came out of her class talking about all her new "friends" and how she had "so much fun" and wanted to go back. That makes me feel so much better with this new chapter of daycare/preschool coming up soon! The rest of Sunday was spent having breakfast at Grandma's, coming home to nap, watching football (Husbands team is the Broncos/Mine is the Packers! both in the playoffs!!) we also read books, and fed Bailey.

Yesterday, we went to the mall.Momma had an Express giftcard so I was able to get some new clothes. And I wasn't selfish, I bought Papa some new work shoes too!
After the 20 minutes of shopping, we spent almost 2 hours at the mall play place.The girls were in heaven!
They had never been occupied for that long or played so well with each other and with other kids.It was a nice break and so fun to watch them!They were worn out after and went home and took great naps!

Here they are "planking" at the mall play place...

and being eaten by a Hippopotamus....

Carly "the boy" got locked in a cage because she's so crrraazzzy!

and Lidia was telling everyone they were her "best friend" and I mean everyone!

Finally, last night my friend and her two kids came over. We made dinner (chicken n noodles, asparagus, and zucchini YUM!) and the kids played. They of course, played dress up once again and we watched the trainwreck, The Bachelor.
Here are my children last night in all their glory....

Hope everyone else had a great, relaxing weekend just like us!!


Mandy said...

You have some of the cutest outfits ever for your girls! And I love that flashcard idea...might have to try it myself!

Joeylee said...

love the little dress up area.
Its so funny that you posted that picture of Carley cause on Thursday I found Kaylee the same way! That's funny.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You have THE most adorable family...these kiddos are ALWAYS cute, even when being eaten by a hippopotamus. :)

Mrs. Mama said...

hahaha that butt picture cracked me up... no pun intended! :)

Taylor said...

I love that they were "planking" on the hippo! but you need to teach them that the new thing is Owling! Her butt in the air is hillarious!

and you are giving me bad baby fever!!!

Cheri said...

I love the nap picture! That's one of my favorite things, looking at my kids at night/naptime to see what random position they got themselves into!!

P.S. Good to meet another Iowa blogger with two little girlies!

Kati McDonald said...

Lid's hair is getting so long! And WHEN is Lacie having her baby???