January 17, 2012

The Sickies

Oh hello!
It's been a week since I posted last, and I have good reason for that.
The whole fam got sick.
Yep, that nasty flu bug that's going around hit us and it was no bueno.
But little Miss Carly got it the worst :(
In fact, she got it first, then passed it to Lidia, then me, then Papa.
But Miss Carly was the only one that ended up in the hospital.
Yes, I said hospital :( :(
Here's the rundown of our week and how the baby of the family ended up with an overnight stay at the hospital.

Tuesday night:
It was a normal night at our house except one thing. We decided that night would be the first night without Carly having a bottle at bedtime. Yes, I know she is 17 months and still has a bottle for milk at bedtime. So yes, it was totally time to get rid of it. So I put her down in her crib at bedtime with a brand spankin new sippy cup I picked out that day especially for her and I left. I went downstairs because I knew there would be fireworks coming from her room. About 15 minutes later, I came upstairs and she was still crying. I went in to rub her back or cuddle her before laying her back down and when I walked in, I instantly smelled it.
I actually laughed to myself about how smart this kiddo was.
Throwing up to get a bottle?
Good one kiddo, Good one.
So I picked her up, cleaned her up, got her settled back down and started rocking her.
She was actually cuddling with me? This kiddo never cuddles, she's always on the go.
Then it happened again.
All. over. me.
...and my bed...
....and the baby.
At that point, I started putting two and two together.
Baby cuddling, baby throwing up, baby running a fever?
Yes, actually she felt hot.
And at that point, I felt awful.
The baby was sick.
The throwing up gig last all night.
We went through many different sleeping positions, many different towels/blankets, momma got 3 different shirts puked on, and 2 different throw up bowls.
She was up literally every 20 minutes that night to throw up, dry heave, cry, cuddle, younameit.
My heart was breaking watching her go through it.

We "woke up" (remember we didn't really sleep) the next morning and I stayed home from work with the sicky and Lidia.
Carly continued to throw up, have a fever, hadn't had a wet diaper in a long time, slept most of the day and just didn't seem to be getting any better.
Around 10am...
Lidia threw up.
So there I was, at home by myself, with my kiddos taking turns throwing up.
It was heartbreaking.
Good thing my mom had the afternoon off and came to help out and Papa came to check on us at lunch!

Then that night seemed to be ok. The girls' throwing up seemed to die down a bit, and we all got a little bit more sleep then the night before. Carly was still up a bit (Papa got up with her that night and let Mama rest with big sissy) but Lidia slept through the night so I thought we were in the clear!

We woke up and Carly seemed to get worse.
She was pretty lethargic. She just wanted to sleep, wasn't eating anything, her fever went up to 103, and the wet diaper issue started to really scare me. She had only one wet diaper since Tuesday night at 8pm and it was now Thursday. So we decided to take her to the hospital. Papa stayed home with Lidia and my mom and I took Carly to the hospital. Oh, did I mention that I woke up that morning throwing up? Yeah....

Anyway, we got to the hospital and long story short they determined that she was in fact dehydrated so they put an IV in her to get some fluids in her. They also gave her some nausea medicine for the throwing up, and an antibiotic because they noticed that on top of it all, she also had an ear infection! Poor baby! 

After being at the hospital for about 6 hours, and being on an IV for almost that long, she still hadn't gone to the bathroom. So they had to put a cathedar in to get out her urine. Since she still hadn't been awake most of the day, eaten anything, drank much, gone to the bathroom on her own (oh and her pottatsium was low) they wanted to keep her overnight. So we got out of the Triage room at the hospital and got into our own room late that night. Once we got upstairs, Carly seemed to wake up and start acting more like herself, of course. Sneaky little thing...

She woke up the next day and was a whole new baby!
She was back to her crazy self and I was so happy!
Oh, and in the middle of the night (in between being woken up and poked and proded every 2 hours by the nurses) she wet the bed! It's crazy to be excited about that, but after not going to the bathroom for several days, and then the nurses had to change her bedding because of all the pee... I did a little happy dance!! So then the doctor came in and told us the "plan" for the day was to get her to keep going to the bathroom on her own, (they unhooked the IV in the afternoon so she had to make urine without being pumped with fluids) she had to eat and drink on her own, and then we could probably go home that night! So we passed the time by playing with toys, looking out the window, building forts out of her crib, and hanging with Lulu.

Then Lidia and Papa came to visit us!
Lidia came up for a bit in the morning and then got spoiled by her Aunt Bubba and got to go to the Beauty and the Beast movie. She came back that afternoon after the movie and then played with us some more. The girls played in Carly's crib, colored, fought over toys, and then roamed the halls laughing and screaming. We knew it was time to go home because we knew Carly had to be feeling better!

We finally got released between 7 and 8 pm on Friday night and were so excited to go home!
We spent the rest of the weekend not doing much except recovering, catching up on sleep, and watching our football teams lose! :(


Mrs. Mama said...

awww sorry about the sickies! your sweet girl melted my heart

Joeylee said...

Omg what a week. How scary, I would have been freaking out. So glad to hear that you guys & Carly are feeling much better

Megan said...

Poor babies. So glad everyone is well again!!!!!