January 27, 2012


Sisters. Best friends. Worst Enemies. Forever playmates.
How can two little girls be so different though? Seriously, my two baby girls are complete opposites.

Carly loves to play rough.
She loves to be thrown in the air, her weapon of choice is biting and hitting, she is always moving, and always finding something new to do/play with. She is constantly falling off something and laughing. Yes. LAUGHING. Sis doesn't stop for anything.  I'm tired just thinking about it :)

Lidia on the other hand, honestly thinks she is a princess, as every girl should. No seriously. She wakes up in the morning and tells me, "Youre beautiful mommy! I need to look pretty too! Where's my crown?"

For example; Yesterday while playing at my mom's house, Lidia had to immediately go downstairs to play dress up while Carly played with a zoo toy and pretend food instead. Lidia then asked Aunt Chloe to do her hair so she could look "gorgeous" and then strutted her stuff in her matching dress and Cinderella doll.

Another opposite? Eating habits.
If Lidia could live off of two meals they would be; poptarts and popcorn. She is an awful eater. Somedays she will eat semi great, and others not so great. It's a constant battle and I hope she grows out of it soon!

Carly on the other hand? AMAZING eater. Of course she has her days when she doesn't eat as much, but 90 percent of the time she rocks. For instance, the other night Papa made an alfredo, chicken, brocooli pasta and Carly had three bowls full. THREE! What did Lidia eat? Popcorn and Brocolli. Ate least she had veggies???

So....can you guess who my cuddler is???

Actually looks are deceiving. Like I said earlier, Carly never sits still so in turn, she hates to cuddle. This was a rare occassion (her fighting sleep) that I got her to lay down on the couch with me. Most of the time, she is climbing all over me or anything in her way!

So that means Lidia is my cuddler. She loves watching movies and snuggling on the couch. Also, she will sleep anywhere. Her bed, my bed, downstairs bed or couch, upstairs couch, etc. This morning she was in my bed and I went in to get dressed for work. I turned on the light to see my clothes, (she needed to wake up so we could leave anyway) and she slept through me turning on the light. She may not go to bed the earliest, but once she's asleep, girlfriend is out. The other day she slept until 11AM!!!!!

So are your kids like mine?
Complete opposites? Or are they more alike?


Nicole said...

so cute! And mine are JUST like yours... complete opposites! But my older is the busy crazy wild one... the younger is the cuddler, sweet and gentle. Right now, the older is doing something to the younger... gg! haha... perfect timing!

Mrs. Mama said...

this was just precious.
my favorite part?
she wakes up thinking she is a princess....

"...where is my crown."

oh i will melt if E does this!

Annie said...

Isnt it crazy how two girls raised just alike can be so different?! My sister and I are the same way....yet we are BEST friends!! Your girls are so cute!!