January 04, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

First and foremost:
Is everyone having babies/pregnant/trying to get pregnant... or is it just me??
Not that I'm compaining! I love me some babies!
But unfortunately for my husband, I had the baby fever like woah this weekend due to these two cuties...

Meet Josalyn (Josie):
My BFF's first baby girl .She wasn't due until February 11th (the day before my bday!) but Miss Josie decided to come 7 weeks early! She's still in NICU, but breathing on her own and doing great. Hopefully she gets to go home in about a week, so we can all snuggle her and her mama can be with her 24/7! I just love this baby so much already!

Now meet Brenley: 8 weeks old.
Her parents were both in our wedding and good friends of ours. We got to spend time with her and her mama and daddy on New Years Eve at our house. And I basically stole her away the whole time. Thankfully for the husband, our kiddos were little crazies the following day, so my baby fever went away pretty fast!

Now onto the randoms:
The weather here in good ol' Iowa has been great!
 It's been a little colder this week, but last week we were able to take a ride in the wagon.
That's unheard of for December/January in Iowa!

The other night I was trying to find something to watch on t.v. and I passed by this show that was on!
 I've never in my life, seen Lidia spelled the same way as ours before!

Lidia was sick this weekend.
Temperatures of 103 and saying her "teeth hurt" which I figured meant that her throat hurt. I took her to a walk-in clinic on Saturday, and was reminded once again why I hate going anywhere but the girls' regular pediatrician. The doctor was awful! She got upset at Lidia for not telling her what was "hurting her", and for not talking to her. HELLO! She's two years old and you are a scary old lady, she won't talk to you, she's shy around strangers. And then, she refused to give Lidia the prescription that I asked for. Long story short, Amoxicillin doesn't work for Lidia, never has. So I told her that, but she refused to listen and gave it to her anyway! Her "I'm the doctor, I make the rules" attitude was no bueno for this mama! But at least Lidia seems to be feeling better now! Before we left for the doctor Lidia was laying around, sick, sad and saying, "I go to the dr and get medicine. I need to feel better!" And once we were at the doctor she was being a little show-off of course... See?

As I've said before, Lidia is obsessed with princesses, castles, "being pretty", and wants to wear dresses 24/7. So it should have been no surprise to me, that when I was doing laundry the other morning and she was in the office next to the laundry room with me... that she would have spotted something I didn't want her to. She begged me to let her try on "mamas pretty dress" that was hanging up in the closet. Mama's pretty dress? MY WEDDING DRESS! I let her try it on her .05 seconds until I heard her crazy, tears apart everything, sister come running in the room. I had to put that thing away so fast before she could destroy it!
I love my Carlyboo, but she is alllll boy!

The girls have been so crazy lately. They fight over everything! Toys, who gets to sit on Mommys lap, food, taking turns, you name it. But the reason why I think it has gotten so bad? Is because they are actually starting to play together so much more in the last month or two. They are always by each others side and if they aren't, they are asking where the other one is. Carly is a big instigator, but she also is a great sharer when you ask her to be. Lidia doesn't share much of anything, but she loves to include Carly in everything she does. I honestly sometimes feel like I'm going to pull my hair out when they fight every 2 minutes, but I wouldn't trade their sisterly relationship for anything in the world. I just love them so much!

And a silly photoshoot.
Because she's silly.


Mrs. Mama said...

love all the pics! and baby fever... haha i'm staying away for a little while longer!

Shawna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your girls are so cute, and it's nice to "meet" another fellow Iowan! :-) I've had a little baby fever lately too....I keep telling myself I"m crazy to even think of it!

Annie said...

I always have baby fever!!! Wonder when that will stop, freaks my poor hubby out...haha!!

Mandy said...

Haha...I know what you mean....like everyone I know is pregnant!! Don't worry that won't be happening to me again:) I'll email you back once the babies go to bed!

The Sauls said...

New follower! And I agree, it seems like everyone is either pregnant or just had a baby!