January 24, 2012

A weekend full of Celebrations!

Our weekend of celebrations started out on Thursday night.
We celebrated Papa's 26th birthday with dinner and ended the night bowling!
It was the girls' first time bowling, and they both loved it!
The girls would get so excited when the pins got knocked down, and then they would run back to watch for their ball to come up the shoot. We are definitely going to be taking them again soon!

(and don't mind Lidia's "outfit". It's the only thing I could get her to wear. She is either naked or in a princess dress at all times. Makes it interesting to go places!)

Then on Friday we celebrated having our first "real snow" of the winter!
We stayed inside most of the day playing and cleaning, but after naps I decided to bundle them up and let them play outside!
It was freezing so we only lasted about 20 minutes, and that was perfectly fine with me :)

On Saturday I took both girls to Lidia's dance/tumbling class.
Lidia was so excited to go, but once we got there she wasn't having it.
Carly on the other hand, LOVED IT!
She listened, climbed, played, did somersaults, etc.
Am I taking the wrong child to dance/tumbling class here?!?
The rest of the day was spent playing hide n seek, eating, etc...

But that night, the kiddos got spoiled.
We decided to go out that night to celebrate Papa's birthday with our friends.
So my little sister and her friend came over to watch the girls and my friends kids as well.
The kids kept themselves entertained most of the night, and we didn't even leave the house until after 9pm, so my sister and her friend didn't have to do much. (Which makes me feel better about leaving them!)
But the best part of the night was coming home to this...
3 little monkeys passed out in my bed.

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for besties baby shower!
Her aunt and I were hosting the shower and thankfully it wasn't at my house so I didn't have to clean up afterwards! I was only  in charge of games and decorations. And what do you know? I didn't get ONE SINGLE PICTURE at the baby shower. I think I was just too busy with everything, plus Lidia went with me and she was in "a mood" that day so it was kind of chaotic. Oh yeah, and she ran around with her shirt off most of the party too. Hmmm. Lovely. Anyway here's a few pictures off Pinterest of decorations I used for the baby shower for anyone interested or if you're planning a party here soon!

I didn't use bibs, but I used string and clothespins to hang up onesies, etc for decoration.
We all filled out one of these adorable printables that I printed out, and hung them on the clothesline as well.

I had some of my girls' old hats/binkies/burpcloths etc laying out on tables for decorations and most everything else I got from the dollar store!! Then the games I picked were from here and I chose to play Name That (Baby) Tune  and Who's the Celebrity Baby? They both were alot of fun!

Yesterday we celebrated finding the girls' new daycare! We went to the daycare to register and to check out their "new friends!" The girls will be going there 2 days a week while I work. My mother-in-law used to work there, so all of the teachers know and love the girls which makes me feel so much more comfortable! After the excitement of the daycare, the rest of the day was spent like this....

I tell Lidia to "smile and say cheese" and this is what I get....

I tell Carly to "smile and say cheese" and THIS is what I get....

Also, starting tomorrow, I'm kicking off a guest posting series from other mommas like me with more than one kiddo! There are so many woman that are pregnant right now with either their first or second baby, and I think these mommas will give good insight to what life is like with more than one child.
Good, bad, crazy, amazing, and everything in between! I'm excited!


Megan said...

Your Weekend= Jealous, sounds like a great time and I can't wait for the celbrating in Feb!!!!

The Guest post= How in the world did I miss out on this?!?!

Love you all!

Mandy said...

Your girls are soooo adorable!!

Crap, I must have read your email wrong...thought guest posting was in February! Can I still participate?

Shawna said...

Cute pics! I haven't thought to take Raya bowling yet...I bet she would love it too!

Annie said...

Fun!! I have been wanting to take Blake bowling...I think that he would love it!!

destinyrachell said...

what a great weekend!! your girls are so cute!!