February 28, 2012

5 seconds with Carly, House Projects, and our weekend....

I've always talked about how my little, sweet, innocent, baby girl Carly is always on the go, yes?
Well if I haven't explained it enough...this little girl is On.The.Go.All.The.Time.
I think it has even gotten worse in the past few weeks, if that's possible.
This weekend the husband and I looked at each other with pleading eyes and said, "What did we do to this child to make her so craaaazy??"
That's just who she is.
And that's why we love her!
Although, it gets very frustrating to say the least, when it's 9pm, and she thinks it party time.
Sorry for party rockin'?
Yea. She thinks so.
So here's a little gander into 5 seconds of mayhem with my little sis at her doctor's appointment yesterday...
Ok so it doesn't look that bad, in fact these pictures are of her SITTING DOWN, which is unheard of.
But she kept me on my toes that entire time in the waiting room.
Playing peek-a-boo, clapping, and singing songs, pulling down all the "doctors toys," trying to climb off the chair and table, and my fav??
SCREAMING at her reflection in the mirror.
"NOO! Go away baby! BYE!!!!!"
She's cray cray.
Except when the doctor came in, she was all sweet and cuddly and quiet.
Isn't that how it always works?!
Master manipulater.

But moving on.

Our weekend consisted of Extreme Home Makeover; Fritz edition.
That's right.
After almost two years in our house, we've decided to start doing some updates.
And we started where it needed it the most.
I will {eventually} show you the before pictures, but lets just leave you for now with one word to describe our kitchen: AWFUL.
So we decided to paint the walls aqua tint and paint the cabinets, doors, and all the trim white.
The walls are completely painted and we are about halfway done with the cabinets. It's a loooong process but it will be sooo worth it!
Here's the only picture I have from my phone of our updated kitchen walls so far, and I absolutely love the color!
Obviously there will be more pictures when it's completely finished! (Hopefully next week!)

And while I was working away in the kitchen, the husband was installing new floors in the girls' bathroom!
He got the floors done within 24 hours and I couldnt be happier with the finished product, or more proud!
Like I said, the floors are completely done, but I don't have a picture of the finished product on my phone so this picture will have to do... aren't they purdddy??!

While we slaved away at the house all weekend, of course we didn't neglect the babes!
No, they didn't go hang out at Grandmas (Although at one point I wanted them to!) But they were with us the whole time and did great for the most part!
That's why this process is taking longer than expected, we are going at our own (and the girls own) pace.
Although I'm sure Grandma wouldn't mind an afternoon with the girls, so we will see if that happens to be able to finish up! :)

Anyway, here's what the girls were up to!
They played outside on bikes while we were outside painting, sanding, cutting tile, etc.
They played "babies and house" inside while we were inside.
They tortured each other. (duh)
...and played Connect Four and a Fishing Game... oh wait maybe that was during the week.
I may, or may not be losing my mind from this house project stuff :)
Either way, they had a good weekend too!

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