February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!! and a Secret...

26 years ago, I was brought into this world by my wonderful mama!

Aww, I was such a lil nugget, huh?
Now? I'm 26 and have two nuggets of my own! That is still crazy to me!

Oh yes, and I'm married to a wonderful man.
We have a big, beautiful home.
Good jobs.
Great friends and family.
...and an all-around wonderful life.
At 26, I'd have to say that life isn't always rainbows, but we are definitely very blessed and happy.
And I've come along way from that CindyLouWho lookin' little girl, wouldn't you say?? 

So today, on my birthday I thought I'd tell you something that most of you don't already know.
A "secret" if you will.
My name... Britt... Is not my real name.
Well, it's not my real full name.
You probably are thinking, "Yeah, it's Brittany right?"

So what could it be?

Say what???
Yes, my full name is Brittania Marie.
Most people love it when they hear it and I think it's just alright. (Sorry mom!)
I hated it growing up because noone knew how to pronounce it.
But now, I love that I am different.
Because, I AM different.
Oh, and don't ask me how my parent's came up with the name.
I still don't know.
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Mama Tully said...

Oooh! Fun fact! I love it! And I think your name is beautiful :)
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Mrs. Mama said...


happy birthday mama!

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday! You're just a baby at 26 haha :-) I think you're name is g reat!

Joeylee said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I like your name, don't feel bad my name is Joeylee

Erin said...

Happy Birthday to youuu! I love that name too :) Very cool & unique!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Brittania! It's beautiful and unique... flaunt it!

mandell said...

I have a crazy name too! I was the same way...didn't so much love it growing up but when I got to college I became the only name people would remember!

Glad I found your blog! Following along!

Happy Birthday!!

Emily Hope said...

Your name is pretty! I like that it's unique.

Oh and Happy Birthday!

Al said...

Happy Birthday, darlin!! So glad to have found you today! Hope your day was filled with wonderful things :)


Amanda said...

Awesome name! Love hearing the story behind your name and that you love it now. :) And Happy Valentine's Day AND birthday! What a great day to celebrate :)

Allie said...

OMG that is such a cool name!! I shall start referring to you as that!:)