February 16, 2012

I don't beat my children, swear!

But after last week, you might think me, the hubs, or someone does!
My mom told me CPS would definitely get called if you looked at both of my children, so I thought I should clarify real quick. I DON'T BEAT MY CHILDREN!
Ok, good. Glad I got that cleared up.
Now onto the reason for this post.
Exhibit A: Carly.
Black eye.
So what happend?
Well I got a phone call from daycare on Thursday of last week....
{{hold the phone}}
Let me remind you, this was the girls' SECOND DAY OF DAYCARE, and I'm already getting a phone call.
The teacher told me that Carly got hit with a block, she was pretty upset, but "it wasn't that bad" and they just had to let me know what happened. So I wasn't worried, she's our "little boy" that falls all the time, so I went about my day.
But when I picked her up from daycare, the black eye type thing on my babies' face, was a little more than I expected! Poor thing! She was fine though and we moved on.

Let's fast forward to Monday:
Monday night Lidia fell out of bed. Actually, she feel out of my king sized, raised pretty high off the ground bed. She was in bed with me, and I thought I heard a gun go off, it was that loud. I soon found out that it was Lidia that fell out of the bed though. I picked her up, laid her back down, and she wimpered a little bit but fell right back to sleep. So I thought we were all good. Until I woke up the next morning to this....
Huge bruise and rugburn ON HER FACE.
So now?
I have two children with huge bruises on their faces.
Again, I swear I don' t beat my children.
In fact, I love them sooooo much (obviously) and they love me.... they really really do!

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Joeylee said...

LOL are these my girls!! Kaylee has bruises all over her legs cause she is ALWAYS falling and Keira has 4 small brusies on her forhead and one by her eye. When Keira gets made she hits her head on the ground and then Kaylee acidently hit her in the face with a toy, she didn't see her when she was swinging around. The joys of having young kids.

Kristina said...

Oh no! Mia has fallen out of my bed, but thankfully no bruises! It is scary for the parent though. Children are pretty resilient. Hope it gets better!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Aw, poor baby! :(

Allie said...

OMG Story of our life too!! What is it with them always falling into corners and looking a hot mess!!!! I am so glad were not the only ones!!

Shawna said...

There have been times I've thought that same thing! Actually I've been known to say that it's a good thing I"m a SAHM, because if they were in daycare I'd swear they were being beaten if I didn't see them fall and bump into things all day with my own eyes!