February 22, 2012

So What Wednesday! {Link-up}

So what... if we love the Thomas the Train trainset at Barnes and Noble, a little playplace action at the mall, and some foodcourt lovin' for something to do during the week. All you other mamas do too... you know it :)

So what... if I Lidia was in a no-sleeve dress at the mall... IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER... because its better than the huge fit she threw earlier that day about clothes of course AND she has a winter coat on when we go outside. So we're good, right??

So what... if my kids love to lounge on chairs, watch other kids, and straight up chill while at another indoor playplace. Girlfriends' have to rest! Because they were up and down slides, swinging on swings, and playing basketball all morning. All inside. During winter. Backyard adventures, you save our lives. Thankyouverymuch.

So what... if as soon as we walk inside ANYWHERE. And I mean ANYWHERE... Lidia has to immediately take her pants, shoes, and socks off. Girlfriend has to be comfortable. Previously said Backyard Adventures was no exception. The momma judgey eyes were surely on me that day. So what! :)

So what... while we were at Backyard Adventures Lidia said, "Look MOM! (Yes, Mommy and Momma have been replaced with MOM these days... tear) Look MOM! Its a telescope!" and at the moment I realized my child is a genius because I have no clue if it even was a telescope or where she learned the word telescope from. Genius, I say.

So what... if we found out on Monday that Carly has to get tubes put in for the second time. This would be the FOURTH TIME for our family in two years between the two girls. Wowza. I'm like a pro at this by now wouldn't you say?

So what...if Carly's ENT consultation appointment on Monday for tubes was during her naptime, (Seriously ENT doctors office appts suck! You have to wait over a month to get in!) so she was a little sleepy head. She laid on me in the doctors office like so....

... and when we got home from her appointment, while I was grabbing her milk for naptime.... She laid on the ground, said, "I sooo tired!" and closed her eyes. She kills me. I love that girl.
Sooo what are you saying, "So what?!" to?
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Joeylee said...

Do we have the same kids? Lidia and Kaylee could be twins. Kaylee does the same thing and takes her pants off too. When I go in at night to check on her she is naked and passed out!! crazy kids

Kati McDonald said...

ewww. Thomas the Train set at Barnes and Noble?? Jaeti was playing with that the other night and I was so disgusted. For real. Kids were playing with her that i'm convinced hadn't bathed since birth. Thank the lord for hand sanitizer! love youuuu

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I love your "so what's"! Love that your little one takes of her shoes, pants and socks. HA. Comfort is KEY! ;)

Shawna said...

That first one is totally us! haha. I even turn my head when Brielle licks the trains. Germs build up the immune system right?! ;-)

As for making onesies, the easiest way to start is buy some "heat n bond"....you can get packages at Walmart or any fabric store, etc. You draw/trace your design onto the heat n bond (backwards....b/c when you iron it on the shirt it will be right side then) ....then after you cut it out and iron it on I machine stitch all the edges. I buy heat n bond *lite* which is sewable. If you buy heat n bond *durable* you don't need to stitch it. I always think they look cuter stitched, so if you don't have a machien you can hand stitch around the edges with embroidery floss :-) Start with something easy---my first shirt with a basic bird shape. It's fun!