February 29, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

On Monday, the girls went to the dentist for the first time!
Surprisingly they did ahhhmazing...

We also had a playdate at the mall with one of my favorite ladies ever, Kati and her niece. I heart Kati so much, and we go way back. So far back in fact, that I have pictures of us in our early years, doing a "cheerleading pyramid" on my step-dad's back when we were ohhh 6? Oh yes, and I was rockin' the sprout on top of my head, because apparently it was cool back then? We knew it was true love when she left my school in grade school and we ran into each other in college and instantly knew each other. True love fo sho. Love that girl.

Carly harrassed her sister this week, as always.

... and Lidia returned the favor.

We (as in the husband) finished the new floors in the girls' bathroom. LOVE THEM!

Lidia found a new hiding spot... in my closet. Oh boy...

I'm sooo cool, that I fell asleep when my daughter did... on a Saturday night. On the couch, no less :)

We decided that popsicles are appropriate for a nightly routine... so what if its winter?!

Papa made Lidia laugh... really hard. And it was sooo cute. Love them together.

We found out that Lidia thinks that tying a blanket around her neck and calling herself a super hero, is the bees knees. She has quite the imagination! She also says, "Super Hero Lidia to the RESCUE!" I die. Love her.
And finally, Carly got her {second round} of tubes put in today and adenoids taken out. She was pretty much a wreck right after surgery and waking up from anesthesia, but did GREAT the rest of the day! This would be the fourth time in less than two years for our family and tubes. Hoping its the last!

How's your week going?!

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Megan said...

Love the super hero pictures! That is priceless!! Y'all are the cutest family. And hey, Saturday night was made for sleeping. Haha!