February 03, 2012


I love Wednesdays.
My mom watches the girls Wednesday afternoons while I'm at work.
She works less than a mile away from my job, so I always go visit on my lunch break.
Then after work, we always stay for a few hours and have dinner with my family.
Like I said, Wednesdays are awesome. It gives us a little variety in our week!

So yesterday after work was no exception, and it was gorgeous outside. I drove up to my moms house after work to see my baby girl, Carly, outside playing soccer with her aunt Chloe. I instantly scooped her up and went in the backyard to play. I could hear Lidia from the house, crying but I figured it was because she saw me and was a little jealous. Wrong. She was crying because Grandma Lulu wanted her to put on pants to go outside to play with me. She wasn't having it. She wanted to stay inside and play dress up instead of playing outside on the swings. Really child?! Its gorgeous out! Play outside!

So being the mean mom that I am, I forced her to go outside. I know, I know. Forcing a child to go outside, how dare I??! She threw a fit the entire time! "I want my Cinderella dress! TAKE MY PANTS OFF!" mmm hmmm yeahh... So I thought a little trip to the park would be fun for the girls. Wellllll it was fun for Carly and I! Lidia walked back to Grandmas house with Aunt Chloe after about 29 seconds of being at the park. Fail. But at least I got some one-on-one time with this cutie! And she sure loves being outside!

....and Lidia got to resume her role as Princess inside as usual.

So yeah, I love Wednesdays!
I get a little extra help with the girls.
I don't have to make dinner. (but I do help from time to time :)
 I don't have to clean up.
I get to spend time with my bff (my mama) and sisters.
And by the time we get home, it's bath time and then snuggle time with my girls!


Lindsey said...

Love it :) your little sassy diva makes me giggle ---how girls can be girls!!!!
Mama's are the best and you are so fortunate to live so close to her!

Shawna said...

The pictures of her on the slide are adorable!!

Joeylee said...

Too cute!!