March 20, 2012

All the cool kids still have a Blackberry! Right?

Since I'm not cool enough to have an Iphone, that means I don't have Instagram to show off my weekend in Instagram pictures.
BUT! I do have a blackberry, so here I am to show off our weekend via Blackberry pics!

(Anyone else still have a Blackberry? Tell me I'm not the only loser that hasn't jumped on the Iphone bandwagon!)

ANYWAY, here goes...

1. Lidia's new thing... gazing at the stars in our front yard at night
2. Snuggles with Grandpa and Lulu (Grandpa's bday was on St. Patty's Day!)

3. Reading books together on the steps.
4. Sunbathing with her baby and Aunt Chloe

5. Looking for...
 "The grumpy old troll! That lives under the bridge!"
Thank you Dora for that never-ending song.

6. Cute baby legs
7. The ZOO! In March??? Yes, Yes, Yes Please!

8. Not scared of the fish at the zoo.
9. Very scared of the fish at the zoo.

10. Dancing with Papa while "Camping" at our friends campground!
11. The worst trip to Sams Club with the girls EVER!

12. Lots and lots of park action. Three different park trips in one weekend, to be exact.
 Can you say, SPOILED???
13. Carly and Collin sittin' in a tree.... KISSING. Lord, help me.

14. Orange Leaf! 'Nuff said.

By the end of the weekend, we were exhausted. Can't you tell?

We basically didn't sit still the entire weekend!
What did you do?

Desperate Housewives.
Does anyone else still watch that show?
Just me?
And my husband?
And my step-dad?

(P.S. I'll announce the ThirtyOne Giveaway winner tomorrow!)


Shawna said...

I've got ya beat....not only do I *not* have an iphone but I don't have a blackberry either! I've got the little free phone that came with my plan way back when. We don't even have a texting plan on our phones, let alone internet :-P

Cute pics!

Crystal Renee said...

I have a blackberry, but I am Instagram envious!!! UGH!

Megan said...

The girls kill me with their adorablness!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

aw looks like a perfect weekend!