March 22, 2012

Carly is 20 Months Old!

Yesterday, I was looking back at old blog posts from around the time Carly was born. I know moms say this all the time, but I honestly couldn't remember when they were that young. I don't remember what they were doing at that point and I definitely couldn't believe how young they looked! SOOOO after looking back, I've decided to start doing monthly posts on the girls again! They are just growing so fast and doing so many new things, that I want this to be the place that I can look back and remember them all. Ya know, since I don't keep up with a baby book and all!

Anyway, I thought I'd start off with a monthly post on the "baby" of the family because today Carly is 20 months old! REALLY?!?! I mean, yeah she is defnitely a toddler, but she's still my itty bitty baby, right?

Carlyboo, Sis, Chunk, Stinkyhead, Love of my life....This is what you 've been up to lately:
(nice nicknames, eh?)

We had some issues this past month with sleeping. You decided you love cuddle. It was very random because you hate cuddling! (But I love it!) So we had a few weeks where you fought bedtime so bad! But you've come back around, and lay down at night just fine! You go to bed around 830pm and wake up around 7:30 or 8am. You take one nap a day, usually around 1pm and sleep for about 2-3 hours.

(UPDATE! Matt read my post and had a little insight to tell Miss Carly... Enjoy :)
"Your mom didn't tell you the reason you stopped being a good sleeper... You figured out that if you threw up in your crib that your mom would take you out and couldn't put you back in until we washed everything. Your mom became obsessed with cuddling with you and would take you out for any reason she could think of, you throwing your milk was her favorite excuse. Now we've finally let you cry for an hour for a few nights and you go to sleep like a good girl again. :-) 

-Eating: YOU EAT EVERYTHING! You are an amazing eater, and there is nothing you won't try! Of course, you have days where you won't eat a ton, but for the most part, you do great. Your favorite foods are spaghetti, chicken nuggets, fries, poptarts, eggs, mac n cheese, hotdogs, milk, popsicles, and if you are really lucky... Donuts! You are ALWAYS asking for donuts! Silly girl.

(and no, she doesn't always eat sweets:)

Favorite Toys: baby dolls, balls, anything your sissy has... you want!

Favorite Activities: hands down... being outside. You LOVE to slide, but HATE to swing. You love climbing anything and everything whether it be at the park, on our couch, the beds, etc.

Clothing: 18 months -24 months/2T.

Stats: about 60 percent for height, weight, and head circumference. You've always been right in the middle/average percent for your cute little gymnastic body!

Words: Well since your vocabulary has taken off like a weed, I'll just name a few of your favorite sayings:
"back to work?" (when I drop them off at school, they always say this)
"I don't want to!"
"Ew! yuck! that stinky!"
"I yuv you" (I love you)
"No bailey! No!" (our dog is Bailey ha!)
"What doing?"
and so much more. I honestly can't believe how much this girl talks for 20 months old! I thought after Lidia, Carly would be the quiet one! I guess not.... :)

What else have you been up to???
-You can recite your ABC's. No joke. My baby can recite the ABC's better than Lidia. Ok, maybe not BETTER than Lidia, but definitely more often.

-Speaking of, you are our little singer. You are ALWAYS singing something. A few songs you know are; Twinkle Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baby Bumblebee, and many more.

-You are completely off the bottle!
(I know I mentioned a little after her 1st birthday that she was OBSESSED with her bottle, but at 18 months we took it away cold turkey and never looked back. She did great!)

-You've never ever taken a pacifier, so we don't have to worry about taking that away like we did with Miss Lidia.

-You are an amazing jumper. I know that's weird to say, but you can jump with both feet up in the air instead of just one. Lidia couldn't do that until a few months ago!

-When you make your "evil face" I die. Seriously, you put your head down, and then looks up with this glare. It.Is.So.Stinking.Funny. That's when I know you are really mad! Well besides when you hit, kick, push, and throw a full blown fit. These tantrums are new... oh the joys of having toddlers!

-You call every color PINK!

-You can count to ten... with help. Usually it's just to three on your own. We are working on it!

-You and Lidia have "wrestling matches" all the time. You usually win :)

-You take your diaper off any chance you can.

-You love to color and play with Play-Doh.

-You just recently became interested in watching shows. The only shows you will sit down and watch for more than 2 seconds are: Dora, Clifford, and Calliou. And that is usually only in the morning when you are waking up or right before bedtime. Otherwise, you are always on the go!

ANOTHER MATT UPDATE TO OUR SIS! hehe gotta love him :)
"You also, literally, run every where you go. If it's to get a toy or to find your sister, you are sprinting at full speed."

It's pretty obvious that I love you to the moon, stars, planets, and back again. You are so sweet and so fiesty at the same time. Your bright blue eyes, hippy baby hair, and gymnast body are so beautiful. Your smile, laugh, sassiness, and happiness is amazing. I love you baby girl!


Mama Tully said...

I love reading baby updates! It's fun to see what other people's kids are up to. And it's crazy to me that in 8 months my little Adddie June will be doing those things! She seems SO MUCH younger than Carly. I have to remind myself how many changes happen between 1 and 2!

Shawna said...

She's such a cutie :-)

Joeylee said...

Happy 20 months Miss Carly. Such a cutie. What a smart little girl knowing her ABCs.